Oil leak, w.o.f fail?

056cripz, Feb 3, 7:22am
Failed a WOF on. An oil leak been told by several people oil leaks. Are not a WOF fail, unless leaking on clutch? My car needs new rear main seal. A and rocker cover gasket is that. Kent to be a fail.

phalanax, Feb 3, 7:30am
A good idea before going in for a wof is to clean up all oil around and underneath. yep it can be a fail. it can be a fire hazard. it can cause slippery surfaces on the road. take the car and get a garage to give the engine bay and under or around a steam clean or grab a few rags and clean it up. take it back (a few days later)and tell them you had the seal done. might be a good idea to tighten that rocker cover gasket . if it looks cracked get some gasket goo and smuge a bit where it looks like its leaking from or change the gasket. theyre not that expensive. .lol

callum.irvine, Feb 3, 7:35am
Ya anywhere near the exhaust or other "hot parts" and it can be a fail for the fire risk. Also anywhere near the brakes for obvious reasons. Also if the inspector got some on his/her hair while inspecting underneath. That's just payback :)

supernova2, Feb 3, 7:53am

Thats the WOF rule book. Doubt you will find any reference to engine oil leaks. Power Steer leaks however are a fail.

msigg, Feb 3, 8:19am
Mate all that oil you are dropping will not do a motorcyclist any good. So safety of others come in to play.

nzfatie, Feb 4, 7:19am
Seems a bit harsh as many classic cars leak oil out the rear main anyway and get WOF's no problem - no neoprene seals in the old times!
You may find that most of the leak stops after changing the rocker cover gasket. Oil runs down the motor and drops off the lowest part = the front of the gearbox behind the flywheel. right where the rear main seal is. which often gets the blame!

jason18, Feb 4, 9:02am
Was at Te Awa The base in Hamilton tonight and amazing how many parks had fresh oil puddles in them. Jez there is a lot of cars that leak

phlippy, Feb 4, 9:25am
if the indicator bulb on the dashboard dosent work is that a Fail?

evotime, Feb 4, 9:53am

056cripz, Feb 5, 8:41am
well i cleaned around the rear main seal and bottom of engine over top of exhaust also cleaned rocker cover took car in and got a w.o.f, have put some stop engine leak stuff has not stopped leak yet but slowing it down i think. will get leak properly fixed when i have some money though as this is not good! that is true the rocker cover is rite above where the rear main seal is good point rocker cover could be to blame.

kazbanz, Feb 5, 9:14pm
Have you checked that all the rocker cover bolts are correctly tightened.?
Might be that simple to fix.

nzangel1, Jul 5, 1:50pm
Too true!

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