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johotech, Sep 23, 8:08am
Nearly time for the fortnightly update from Tonyt!

I can't wait.

thejazzpianoma, Sep 23, 4:45pm
Just be careful with the "not time limit specified by manufacturer" bit. Often that is specified some years after the release of the model as time is hard to simulate in testing.
Lot's of people read early version owners manuals and get in to trouble that way.

tonyt_nz, Sep 24, 1:58pm
Ok, story so far, Mech unit works now, BUT alas the VW mechanic, in their haste? crimped the small portion of seal between the mechatronics and the DSG gearbox. now i have DSG oil leaking. Never ending. So Ill need them to take the good seal from the broken Mechatronics, to put into this one and re install-sure at there cost!

supernova2, Sep 24, 6:00pm
So about 5 weeks so far
and the cost ?

Whereas if it had been a box problem with something a lot more common (note I'm not say anything about it being a Euro here just more common) it might have been grab a 2nd hand box and be away in a couple of days - perhaps.

thejazzpianoma, Sep 24, 7:18pm
What's going to be a lot more common that what is likely the most common automated transmission in the world? (DSG7 is fitted to several of the most popular cars on the planet). Also plenty of them on the road here.

I would expect if you had a valve body issue with a regular transmission of that vintage (they have them too) they would repair in the same manner.

Seems a bit stupid to pull a whole transmission when it's only a bolt on part that needs fixing. Not having a go at you btw, just don't see the logic.

kazbanz, Sep 24, 9:07pm
in fairness the OP has tried to avoid the normal price to fix what is normally a $3000 plus repair by importing their own box from overseas.
I'd say if they had paid the 3k they would be happy driving the car weeks ago.

ema1, Sep 24, 9:57pm
I agree kaz. so much for importing with the idea of saving a buck. back fired in this case.

kazbanz, Sep 25, 8:44am
What is a LOT more of a concern is that it is a common problem with that gearbox and VAG group have not found a solution.
Given its a commonly used gearbox and its a design fault I would have thought VAG would have done a recall. We are talking 5 year old cars here not 10 year old cars.

supernova2, Sep 25, 9:42am
Agee all the way.
However it's not only VAG that have design problems.
Go on-line and look up any brand you like of anything and you will find truckloads of complaining consumers. Airbag inflators is a good example, as is CVT gearboxes, GDI engines, Akebono brake systems, lithium batteries (exploding phones), and on the list goes .

In the OP's case good on him for trying to find a less expensive solution but I still say it can be foolish to buy non mainstream products (not just vehicles - anything) in NZ as your options for quick easy and economic repair are limited.

As a bit of an aside I think it will be interesting to see what issues arise with the next generation of Holden Commodores and how long will it be before NZ repairers are tooled up and experienced enough to want to repair them?

tonyt_nz, Sep 27, 10:54pm
So all repaired and on the road. Yes, had i got a factory fresh unit, id be on the road for $3-3500k but half the issue was the VW tech munched a seal, otherwise would have been fine. Importing the part is worth it if you do your research. Final cost about $2300. But would have been half that had i not rushed to buy the part, and did the research. So hopefully my experience helps another person.

tonyt_nz, Aug 19, 3:37pm
Hi, just wondering if anyone out there knows if transmission fluid leaking from the Mechatronic unit is a death knoll, or is it as simple as replacing bad seal(s)
Was driving, when car went limp, pulled over and trans(DSG) oil was all over the road. Leak seems to be coming from mechatronic unit. Flashing gear indicator, with spanner on dash.


jmma, Aug 19, 5:49pm
Has this been serviced lately?

tonyt_nz, Aug 19, 5:58pm
No, and im unsure if it has been through the recall, as its a 2011 Golf.

luke041, Aug 19, 6:19pm
No the accumulator piston inside has let go and tried to come through the front cover. Have a good look and you will see the cover is twisted and leaking between the cover and housing. Very common problem we are seeing about one a month at the moment time for a new mechatronic.

thejazzpianoma, Aug 19, 6:28pm
Which DSG do you have the 6 speed or the 7 speed?
This is one of those repairs where treading carefully could likely save you a lot of cash. Send this info through and keep in touch, would be happy to help out where I can on this if you want.

thejazzpianoma, Aug 19, 6:28pm
Great info! I haven't had one do this yet. Is this a 6 or 7 speed mechatronic issue?

tonyt_nz, Aug 19, 7:04pm
Thanks, its a 7 speed dsg. Mk6 golf 2011

luke041, Aug 19, 7:28pm
7 speed, we don't see alot of issues with the 6 speed mechatronic unit a part from clutch control solenoids which is a easy job to do.

tonyt_nz, Aug 19, 7:43pm
Just took a look now, and can see that the plastic cover around the accumulator has indeed slightly come away from the casting-looks stressed as well. God, what will that cost to fix! ?

luke041, Aug 19, 7:53pm
They cost around $2400-3000+ retail for the unit and looking around $500-600 to fit including oil etc. Speed have been the cheapest supplier I have found or could try VAG automotive in Auckland are rebuilting some units, but normally are put in the bin when they do what yours has done.

thejazzpianoma, Aug 19, 7:56pm
Luke will be able to guide you better, but if it's like the 6 speed they can be changed easily with the transmission in the car in a few minutes.

If you can be without the car for about a week, I would probably go for a remanufactured unit, I have seen these on ebay for around NZ $600 delivered. If you get really lucky you might find something under $400 and get away without paying GST and duty.

So as far as major transmission repairs costs go. got to love VW!

A remanufacturered unit will likely need programming, but I am pretty sure they can be pre programmed if you send your VIN through to the remanufacturer. Luke might have some ideas of where to get remanufactured units ex NZ, I have seen them advertised on trademe on occasion too. Otherwise have a google and compare price.

EDIT. luke posted at the same time I did so forgive the confusion.

serf407, Aug 19, 7:57pm
Be interesting to read what approach is taken to the remedy.

thejazzpianoma, Aug 19, 8:03pm
Also, flick a message through to these guys. They do repairs so might also supply a refurbed unit for you.

tsjcf, Aug 19, 8:03pm
Interesting that the euro specialists recommend breakdown insurance.


thejazzpianoma, Aug 19, 8:10pm
Another way to go about it if the control unit is undamaged is to buy a remanufactured unit without a control unit. These are available under NZ $400 delivered so no GST or duty. Should negate the need for reprogramming too I would expect.

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