Abs airgap

boilmkr77, Feb 14, 7:58pm
Does anyone know what the size of airgap needed between tone ring and abs sensor on a 94 ford Fairmont?

intrade, Feb 14, 8:15pm
the same as on the other 3 wheels. you need a oszilloscope to test for sensor output backprobing the wiring with T pin or hyperdermic nedle and the scope hooked up and ignition on and spinning the wheel.
94 is easy as for diagnostic however the advanced diagnostic you need on 2015 cars also comes in handy to figure out where a fault is even on these older cars.
Like i diagnosed a missfire on a 1980s sidecar 6 cilinder kawasaki the guy spent years to try and get it to run right
With all his swapatron mates and swapatron experts to no avail
I started off to rule everything out One by One
it was a replacment ignition coil that had the same wires as the others but the + and minus was on the oposite side to power the coils. My pico scope showed a wierd wrong jumbled wave form on this coil wasted spark so 2 cilinder are affected by this problem.
Anyhow i said you cant put plus and - wrong and he said one of his swapatron mates told him it wont matter , and he did it wrong because you had to look on the plastic of the coil to see where plus and minus was to figure it was exactly oposite to the other 2 coils .
anyhow the fault was easy to fix , the fault to find took modern diagnostic steps to eliminate and tick off what works step by step.
and then 6h later we had it running and went for a test drive.

intrade, Feb 14, 8:30pm
back to abs you need to know how the abs works on this car has it got a toothed ring with notches on the cv joint.
Not long ago a uk diagnostic expert posted about rotors on a car replaced with aftermarket ones the gapping was different to the original so the ecu got wrong information about the speed on these and set a permanent check engine light for abs fault.
He fixed it by replacing the parts for oem components .
and this would not be the first case i read about cheap components who are not functioning correctly, thes guys stress to only use oem parts . The thing is in new zealand sometimes needing oem parts can take to long or we cant even source any oem component for some imports . this would be where we could get real and truly screwd over on some of this newer cars
i just did read a case study i helped out on a vw about a component no oem and car would not run the part came from vw dealer but somhow vw audi stamp was missing on the parts , They sent it back and got one with the vw-audi logo and the car was fixed .
i could imagin somone sent the aftermarket part to the vw audi and stole the oem part and got a refund because they never checked the box befor restocking it. Normally these are non return items for exactly that reason damage to components on electronics,non return items.

tamarillo, Feb 14, 10:06pm
I have manual here for it and it does not list a spec for this, has lots of specs but this is evidently simply that the right parts work!

mechnificent, Feb 14, 10:55pm
I don't think it is super critical. Most cars seem to be about a mill to three. Check and adjust the wheel bearing and then space/fit it on the larger size gap and the worst that will happen is that the ABS will set the warning light on and disable the ABS.

bigfatmat1, Feb 14, 11:25pm
Bolt the sensor in the air gap is not set on cars generally. If you have any doubts. It should generate 2v ac at around 10 rpm on your multimeter sensor disconnected

fomoco64, Jun 16, 4:42pm
I've swapped abs rings on an eb found depth specs on an aussie website may have been dba or or some other. It was about a year ago or longer.
rdabrakes. com.au/page/TB06. aspx.

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