Brake lights not bright enough?

muzz67, Sep 25, 7:08pm
Brand new Corolla wagon, brake lights not very obvious. Is it a simple as fitting better bulbs?

kazbanz, Sep 25, 7:12pm
BRAND NEW car--take it back to the dealer.
If its a "brand new to you" car then I would change the brake light bulbs for new ones

franc123, Sep 25, 7:14pm
Brand new? The lights are either wofable or they aren't, take it to Toyota agent, if there is a problem it should be covered by warranty.

muzz67, Sep 25, 7:18pm
Two week old car,, used as Rural Mail. Bright sun/300 stops in traffic/occasionally on right hand side of road/.
Have flashing orange rooflight,, just want to make brakelights more obvious for her.

saxman99, Sep 25, 7:22pm
Are they not LED? In a new car they should be retina melting death-ray laser beams.

One solution could be to put a couple of extra LED super-bright ones up high in the rear window?

cammey, Sep 25, 7:24pm
This is one of the issues for me for the new "headlights on" law for motorcycles.

With my headlight off, when I brake, my rear light goes from OFF to BRIGHT.

Now it goes from BRIGHT to BRIGHTER.

I'm personally convinced that it makes me more vulnerable to being rear-ended, so I have rewired my bike a bit.

I also liked having my light OFF and flicking it ON at intersections etc. But there ya go, better brains than mine have ruled.

kazbanz, Sep 25, 7:38pm
Muzz-I get what you are TRYING to do. To be honest if its bright sun in the eyes it doesn't matter how bright the brake lights are.
Those motorway repair guys have some darn bright flashing lights

tamarillo, Sep 25, 7:42pm
Then fit a secondary brake light, led maybe. Rewiring it is just stupid IMO.

tamarillo, Sep 25, 7:44pm
Muzz, I get your concern, in some conditions it's really hard to see brake lights and indicators on some new cars.
How about adding a secondary set up high, maybe on a roof bar at the back of roof?

cammey, Sep 25, 9:56pm
Err thats what I did. It needed wiring to do it. two big bright LED beggars on each pannier and one on the top box.

mrfxit, Sep 25, 10:07pm
1 of the biggest reasons why modern lights can be hard to see in daylight is because most of them have the colored light hidden behind a clear lens.
Daylight shines on that clear lens & obscures the color light underneath.

Particularly bad on front & rear indicators

lookoutas, Sep 26, 5:02am
I would have guessed they'd be LED's.

muzz67, Sep 26, 5:25am
Could be,, wanted to ask first, before pulling the thing apart.

2sheddies, Sep 26, 5:29am
Speaking of indicators, and digressing from OP's topic for a moment, I find the new idea of building the blinkers into the headlamp unit, instead of the usual seperate light arrangement to be stupid and dangerous. When the lights are on, you can hardly notice the blinker going.

2sheddies, Sep 26, 5:38am
And here's a hard case one. several moons ago I had an A31 Cefiro. before they became popular and consequently ruined by drifters. I always felt the taillights were a bit more dim than usual, but I'd never got round to investigating, figuring it was just normal for that car. Besides, they did work and had passed previously. Until one day it got knocked back. Pulled it to bits, to discover somebody had, for some bizarre reason I've never figured out, glued two rectangles of thin cardboard on the inside of each lens! What the? ! Pulled it off and lights were suddenly brilliantly bright.

Never worked that one out. but OP, have a peek at the inside of the lenses. you never know!

dave653, Oct 1, 10:49pm
Someone fitted 24v bulbs?

brapbrap8, Oct 2, 7:00am
I would add a couple of stop lights/indicators on a roof rack with your orange strobe light.

m16d, Apr 4, 7:11pm
Seen that happen before.

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