2003 nissan bluebird sylphy radio install query

chitty11, Dec 21, 5:47am
This vehicle had the xanavi system in it with rearview camera navi etc. I have replaced headunit now with aftermarket double din unit with everything in it including reverse camera input. However wondering if anyone has managed to track the factory rear view camera wiring and brake pedal wiring that would have been on the xanavi and could advise what the colours are. I have purchased a seperate rearview camera but would prefer to use the factoy one if possible and if the reverse wire are all up in the loom behind radio I would rather use that than go hunting for it in other places and have to run cables.
My friend google has not really provided any wiring diagrams I can see that match. I managed to work out all radio wires. So basics work fine just rear view camera is a no go for now.
Also interested in ideas of how I could mount the 2 usb ports on the dash or possibly under radio would be helpful as not sure how to make the hole or what the usb leads with usb port with a flat edge that could be glued would be called.
Thanks in advance :)

chitty11, Dec 21, 5:56am
in top half of photo is what the factory system looked like before removal. original stereo bit was removed back in 2011 or 2012 and had removed factory plugs so loom adapter wasnt option but that all works. Jus this xanavi I cant work out wiring even pulled unit apart but there is no labels on the loom connectors,

intrade, Dec 21, 7:05am
whatch this video later model nissan have all and everything via bus and the slightest problem causes a no start . Possibly your 2003 is still old technology or your radio might reside somwhere like in this video.
or you soon be walking if you keep messing with it and post why does my car not start on here.

kazbanz, Dec 21, 8:42pm
Chitty- The factory unit would have had the pop up screen on top of the dash. Why did you remove both the radio and the controls for the reversing camera/GPS?
Why not simply pull out the single DIN radio and replace it?

chitty11, Dec 21, 11:06pm
intrade its not a can system still old tech as have unplugged and no issue all other systems are completely separate. kazbanz I had done this with a single din but when it died we decided we wanted something nicer with gps built into it rather than having all separate devices floating around. Since it was a double din hole we went with a touch screen android setup which has a lot of nice features. And also the factory pop up reversing camera was rather annoying as it takes quite a while to wind up then switch on and was starting to make some cracking and graunching noises anyway. Also it was about 50/50 as to whether it even opened up so we had stopped using it.

chitty11, Dec 21, 11:09pm
also with kids around and shared driveway with poor reversing view due to the fencing its an extra safety feature. Having the double din the screen is on and doesn't have to open up. So will just come on when put in reverse. Factory always took a good few minutes to crank itself up then slowly display camera. if cant find the info will replace camera once it arrives but factory one would have been nice as there is a specific fitting location for it.

kazbanz, Dec 22, 3:28am
I'm with you chitty.
You will find your problem may well be that the camera wiring for the factory unit is a 4 wire setup and your unit is 2 wire.
Our installer is able to use the factory 4 wire but he's never let me look over his shoulder and se how he does it.
Incidently if you have "ditched" the factory screen then you can rip that whole area of dash top out and fit one from a sylphy that didn't have the screen.
if you get stuck then the guy we use is mobile but not this side of Christmas

chitty11, Dec 22, 12:40pm
yea its a confusing setup really. I have tried unplugging individually the separate cables that were not on the loom connectors but they didnt stop the picture for reverse camera. so its on one of the 2 large loom type plugs which both contain around 20 or so wires each. and the reverse camera screen and top panel is fine for now as the steel on the screen mount works great for holding my GPS antenna as it has a magnetised base and it sits just nicely under the cover totally hidden but getting excellent signal strength haha. Im working mostly through xmas but have received new reverse camera so if I get a chance will see if I can figure a way to make it fit in factory hole nice and tidy, otherwise will get in touch with you kaz to see if mobile guy can work it out. Have to say I hope I dont need to buy a more modern car though as this can bus setup sounds like a hassle however I do see adapters on amazon and ebay from same sellers that supply radios to suit some cars as well as the steering control adaptors so by time we upgrade should be well sorted.

chitty11, Dec 22, 12:40pm
just wish xanavi had a installers diagram or something but never mind. also as an aside kaz have you tried to mount any external usb connectors on dash at all. I did see somewhere usb that had a slight lip on the outer edge but cant think where I seen them now. or what it might be called to search it.

As this unit has 2 usb ports on long cables which will be handy for connecting usb drives and eventually a dvr camera. need to check the exact output but might even get away with charging our phones on it .

kazbanz, May 15, 11:15am
Chitty re usb connectors. if its the unit im thinking of OR similar then we tend to run the usb cable/connector into the glove box leaving is like an extention cord rather than a wall socket.
This means that the device you run has a place to sit and is out of sight so less temptation to thieves.

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