Sudden failure of power steering system

clanky, Mar 13, 6:55pm
Driving along yesterday and the steering got exceedingly heavy when turning into the car park. Checked the usual suspects - belt and fluid level - both ok. Pump is turning, and no graunching noises coming from the system. Car is an Audi A4 quattro, 1997, 2.6 model. Any thoughts as to a possible cause/remedy?

intrade, Mar 13, 6:58pm
did you check the fluid?
like is there fluid? is fluid moveing ?

tamarillo, Mar 13, 7:06pm
Is it by any chance idling rough, occasionally even stalling? Puffing wee smoke in some conditions? Just eliminating a common problem so let us know.

clanky, Mar 13, 7:39pm
No problems with car. Just got a warrant 2 days ago. No rough idling and plenty of fluid in reservoir. It just stopped working - ironically, just after I pulled out of the local VAG main agents.

clanky, Mar 13, 7:57pm
intrade, there is fluid, but no movement when the pump is running and steering moved slightly (like trying to turn an tank with no pas).

intrade, Mar 13, 8:00pm
sounds like your shaft has snaped off inside the pump or something

franc123, Mar 13, 11:42pm
You would have to suspect pump failure first. Best get the flow rate checked at the return line, I would tend to agree with the shaft breaking or maybe even the pressure relief valve jamming perhaps.

bjmh, Mar 14, 4:52am
I had a BMW that did the same this week,belt looked ok but the waterpump shaft had snapped ,the belt was so loose nothing was turning.

clanky, Mar 14, 9:48pm
Ok guys, thanks for all the advice. Took the pump off, stripped it down and the pressure control valve was jammed open. Some microscopic gunge in the bore. Valve out, polished and rebuilt. Put back this morning and now all sweet as. Saved $600, as that's what a new pump costs from the agricultural main agents here. Could have been worse, they said, could have been a Nissan, that would have set you back $2500!

clark20, Mar 14, 10:45pm
Nice , good work, I have never opened one up

jmma, Mar 14, 10:56pm
But just think if it was a Nissan, with the extra $$ you would have saved, you could have had a nice holiday Lol (o:

philltauranga, Apr 29, 9:00am
A Nissan one wouldn't have broken in the first place.

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