Fuel pump on cortina 5

vhpacer1971, Mar 4, 10:02pm
how hard is it to replace one

bjmh, Mar 4, 10:13pm
easy . a bit tight to get at. 2 mounting bolts,don't lose the round actuating rod that the pump loads up against. jack up the vehicle at the front. then fuel won't siphon out of the delivery hose.

vhpacer1971, Mar 4, 10:16pm
thanks does that rod pop out once off

intrade, Mar 4, 10:17pm
if its gone you probably have loads of petrol in your engine oil also . i hope i dont have to tell you to change oil and filter if that is the case after the repair.

intrade, Mar 4, 10:18pm
i cant remember where it is but if its tight to get back in then rotate the engine a bit so the lifter lobe is out of the way more

vhpacer1971, Mar 4, 10:28pm
thanks so if I put the engine at dtc lobe be out of the way more before I take it off

intrade, Mar 4, 10:33pm
it wont matter where the lobe is to remove it just to fit again. i dont know if it is in a good or bad position on tdc.

vhpacer1971, Mar 4, 10:35pm
cool thanks wish all cars were an easy as the cortinas

intrade, Mar 4, 10:36pm
they all work similar to this just flick the switch on inside the brain and you will figure out what i wrote when you do it.

bjmh, May 15, 1:18pm
rod won't pop out. pump is under slight spring pressure. fuel system on later cortinas was dangerous in an accident. if the shunt effected the front suspension. the main beam would move back.The fuel line that was well secured to the x member would pop of the pump,letting petrol siphon from the tank.

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