Viscous LSD fluid

morrisman1, May 19, 7:47am
They are meant to be non serviceable, but if I can find some fluid Id like to have a go at replacing it, Ive got some spare LSD units which I could experiment with and drill & tap a drain/refill port. Any ideas where I could get some of the fluid from?

llortmt, May 19, 8:19am
You used to be able to buy it in a big syringe from BNT

serf407, May 19, 11:36am
Nulon from Supercheap? Will a cobalt drill with drilling fluid make a hole?
Not a Mitsubishi with the various grades of fluid for various diffs etc. Mitsi dealer for the fancy stuff?

morrisman1, May 19, 11:42am
nah, its not a conventional oil. Its a silicone oil which Ive found in small quantities for RC cars but nothing otherwise. Ive also read in a couple spots that the quantity and pressure of the oil in there is quite important to the performance of the diff. Might be something I shouldn't mess with maybe. Its just gunna be a stop gap till I can afford a metal plate style diff.

ignition328, May 19, 12:47pm

bill-robinson, Jan 22, 1:18pm
just weld one of your viscous diffs and try that

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