1979 Honda 900 F power outage question.

mekongmike, Jan 26, 8:45am
Hi. I was cranking it up to about 9000 rpm tonight and it just died. No light, ignition, horn , indicators etc. Nothing ! I checked main 30 amp fuse under side cover and the smaller fuses under the instrument panel. but they are all fine.

Any advice please ? Mike

countrypete, Jan 26, 8:54am
Get a Suzuki! (Or check the kill switch)

mekongmike, Jan 26, 8:55am
Thanks Pete. obviously a Suzuki fan.

countrypete, Jan 26, 8:59am
Also a fan of kill switches.

kazbanz, Jan 26, 8:59am
9000rpm--and wheres redline on a rolladoor? --if you've lost everything check for busted connections.

mekongmike, Jan 26, 9:10am
kazbanz. redline starts at 9000. yeah, possible a broken wire . I'm not sure where to start really. I thought it would be a fuse but no.

muzz67, Jan 26, 5:54pm
I had an XR600 which would loose all the lights as soon as I went over 90kmh. Was the regulator getting hot, moved it to get more airflow and was sorted.
Not sure about your situation tho.

twincam1, Jan 26, 5:59pm
Try contact cleaner in ignition switch.

bigfatmat1, Jan 26, 7:40pm
Make sure the is voltage in the battery

m16d, Jan 26, 9:30pm
Yer battery terminal probably broke off with the vibration.

mekongmike, Jan 27, 11:53pm
Broken wire under fuel tank. all sorted.

twincam1, Jul 19, 6:51pm
Bloody hot weather, my rectifier popped its clogs today on the Honda.

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