Anyone know how much to have a water pump fitted?

jmma, Mar 21, 8:52am
$85 if you have a ed car, $400 if it is a Black one :oP

motorboy2011, Mar 21, 8:53am
Easy $1000 on an r35 gtr.

tamarillo, Mar 21, 8:55am
$85 for a top loader washing machine,

brapbrap8, Mar 21, 9:11am
Just got a new waterpump on my farm that was $18,500+GST, hope thats what you were after OP?

purple666, Mar 21, 9:28am
Free, if you do it yourself.

karlp2, Mar 21, 9:36am
Just did the window washer pump on my falcon, $45 and about 10 mins, is a brown car though, one for a white car might have cost a bit more - say $50

ceebee2, Mar 22, 12:39am
Cost $80 for the impeller in my boat inboard.

macman26, Mar 22, 1:12am
If it is like my pulsar could cost a bit. You need to access it up the exhaust pipe and learn some new swear words.
So what sort of car do you have?

tony9, Mar 22, 1:32am

whqqsh, Mar 22, 1:45am
Have done them in Commodores & Falcons I've owned about 1 hour would do it, did one for a friend in her Honda City, a full day, multiply anywhere in that range by mechanics rates + pump cost & you've got price

gtr-35, Mar 22, 10:27am
water pumps for a 1999 audi a4 been told $200?

gtr-35, Mar 22, 10:28am
Sorry should of been more specific

intrade, Mar 22, 7:16pm
um yea and what engine , i would say most will have qa cambelt driven waterpump. shows engine numbers usually

terry012, Mar 22, 8:04pm
If you are a dentist or accountant,,it will be around the $2000 mark. If you are just plain ole jo blo with limited income,do it yourself

flitt, Mar 23, 3:42am
LOL. Inside one hour - 6 sarcastic replies + a few more later.

17 hours after the OP has finally defined the type . Nobody knows.

brapbrap8, Mar 23, 3:56am
Except they haven't really defined the type at all.

mber2, Mar 23, 8:49am
If op really wants to know then we need make of car and model.
I just had my belts and water pump done on 1993 telstar for $987

kazbanz, Mar 23, 7:44pm
The issue is really why would you crack it all open to replace the pump
Then not do the cam belt at the same time.?
Please correct me if Im wrong here but the pump is belt driven so you have to "do" the belt anyway.
On that basis I would say $700 all up

mugenb20b, Apr 16, 2:47am
On your average 4 cylinder car, yes, on an A4, double that.

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