Inlet air leak

mber2, Mar 18, 5:19am
1993 Telstar GLEI 2L i have an air leak on #1 inlet manifold.
Anyone have any idea how much to fix or could i do it myself but looking at all the parts i have to take off it might be better at the workshop.

tamarillo, Mar 18, 5:33am
You can do it yourself if your confident, just undo everything slowly and carefully untill you get to gasket. Clean surfaces and replace and start assembling again. It is same as Mazda 626 of that generation which sold plenty in states so low and behold we have instructions

jmma, Mar 18, 5:39am
How did you come to the fact that it is an inlet leak at #1 ?

mber2, Mar 18, 5:44am
jmma because I just had the car in the shop spending $1000 getting new all belts and water pump replaced. It has had a whistle for awhile and we have been trying to find it but the mechanic found where it was today and said about another $1000 to fix.

jmma, Mar 18, 5:47am
Ok, was the whistle when you took your foot of accelerator?
Sounds kinder a steep price, maybe more to it?

intrade, Mar 18, 6:11am
nothing costs more then parts for mazda, if you can even get them at all.
i went to town to try and get a suction controll silanoid for a mazda . non in new zealand from the guy who gets denso parts. and said there is one 500$ upwards ex japan. So i went to mazda dealer. No parts at all only whole assembly for 4000$ lol, i should have knowen it parts are either non available or they charge so redicules amounts for the parts that when you would build a car from just parts you could probably buy a A380 aircraft for the money . Timing belt tensioner for this mazda was 200$ + gst. 560$ for a fuelpump is another mazda example, you got to be mad z da to own these cars

intrade, Mar 18, 6:16am
i tell you something else mazda built 100 different versions of the same car. my naigbour the dwarf had capellas had 4 cars of the same thing. Not 1 single part would fit from one car to the other same engine same everything, the thermostat housing was so different that you needed the hoses also and then you ended up having to change the radiator and and and , a huge nightmare these pile of crap cars.
i had a 2002 capella wrong rear brake pads from owner who gut them by what is suposedly on the car.
i went and got the correct brake pads. you know what the invoice said brake pads 1986 subaru it said on there
its like mazda build there cars from what ever parts are on special the week they need parts to make more cars.

franc123, Mar 18, 6:20am
FFS that problem is as common as buggery on the FS Mazda engine, NZ gaskets would make an intake gasket for those that would also fit the Telstar, I'd be surprised if it cost more than $30-40, been a few years since I've done one. IIRC it was a case of just disconnecting things in order to pull the manifold back off the studs far enough to change it. Getting to the fasteners is obviously tricky depending on what tools you have access to.

lookoutas, Mar 18, 6:22am
A mate and I used to buy cars that needed a bit of tinkering, then sell them.
He arrived home with a Toyota one day, that he'd scored off a dealer. His impression (and the dealers) was that due to the noises the motor was making, it really needed a transplant, and we had gained it with that in view.
I opened the bonnet and noticed the inlet flanges had nuts missing. In fact, there was only one nut left on the studs holding the inlet on, and that was loose. The sounds changed went that one nut was nipped up, and it got better as each new nut was fitted and tightened. Once all the nuts had been replaced and tightened, it ran as sweet az. A cut & polish later, it was out on the side of the road.

mber2, Mar 18, 6:36am
Just looking at the link in #2 no wonder it costs so much there is a lot of time consuming jobs to do.

bigfatmat1, Mar 18, 8:44am
yep like 1/2 an hour to get it off

mber2, Apr 17, 7:03pm
Is it ok to drive for awhile until I can get it fixed

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