Audi A4 harder brake pads.

budgel, Sep 16, 10:54pm
I have a B5 Quattro that is a low key track day car. I am looking to replace the standard front pads with some a bit harder. It is really hard to get coherent information from suppliers as to what identifies a harder pad.
Nobody I have spoken to has been able to tell me what the identification system for such pads is. I am not looking for full on race pads.
Can anybody point me in the right direction towards getting my head around what I should be asking for, and a means to identify it.


tamarillo, Sep 16, 11:09pm
Have you tried ebc brakes. I know they have them though can't say what is in NZ. They rate them by colour heading from green for street through red yellow to blue being track only.
I'd reckon yellow for you.
If NZ hasn't got them in try ecs tuning online, heaps of Audi stuff at better prices!

sr2, Sep 17, 12:06am
A set of Pagid Blue pads will work wonders on track day and should still be ok for the street. I'd avoid using yellow on the street, can be a bit scary before you get heat into them.

A word of caution when mixing race and street pads; you can end up in the situation where the brake bias can vary considerably between hot and cold.
As a generalization this is usually less pronounced in a 4WD car and obviously modern ABS will lessen the effect.

budgel, Sep 17, 7:05am
Thanks for the advice, i was aware of that.

I will check out EBC yellow.

Where in NZ does one source Pagid brake pads from?

sr2, Sep 17, 7:09am
Try Racebrakes or Google for a local supplier.

321mat, Sep 18, 12:17am
Ferodo brake pads are the way to go.

The last a good distance, and do not suffer from fade or that wooden feel that many long life pads have.

And, they have IMO better stopping power than standard pads.

mrfxit, Sep 18, 1:47am
Of course theres the other factor that no ones mentioned yet

Harder pads are going to wear the rotors faster.

Something has to give & I would rather have better braking with more pad wear then have to replace rotors each time.

sr2, Sep 18, 1:51am
You possibly need to be a little more specific eg, DS3000, DS2500,. etc.

budgel, Sep 18, 2:48am
Racebrakes etc were more than twice the price of what I ended up ordering.
The pads being replaced were Ferodo. It is really hard to get good information regarding operating temperatures, cold bite etc.
I have done a bit of research and have ordered some Znoelli Sp500 which seem like the sort of compromise I was after.
Znoelli had that information available and a reasonable price.

We shall see.

Thanks for everyone's input.

sr2, Jun 12, 1:36am
Well done, make sure you post a report after your first track day session with them.

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