Newbie: How to engage the 4wd -Isuzu Bighorn

kiwi.wearz, Jan 28, 6:59am
Partner just bought me a 1995 auto 3.1L diesel Isuzu Bighorn to zoom around in the farm. I never had a 4wd before therefore I'm not too sure how to engage the 4wd system properly and he is currently away overseas.

The vehicle has auto lock hub.

-Do I just change from 2wd to 4wd mode when the vehicle is stationary? Is there any tricks or tips to avoid damaging the vehicle?
-what is the dfference between 4H & 4L? can I drive around normally on 4H mode? or does it have to be on grass, gravel and etc.

Any hints or info on this would be great!


gmphil, Jan 28, 7:05am
don't use 4wd on tarseal or concrete .h&l stand for high in low . some people/manufacutures may states certain rpm or speed my suggestion is stationary when shifting in to 4wd

have fun

intrade, Jan 28, 7:06am
how never ever on tar seal or rigid ground . only on gravel or grass and must be disengaged on this surface also.
now if you have to be stationary depends on how it engages.
for example my hilux i can switch it on while i move as it just locks the front diff on or off. the high low range only ever stationary as you normally do top 45kph in 4wd low and top gear.

intrade, Jan 28, 7:08am
4H is normal transmission like any other non 4wd has H stands for high speed L stands for low speed . and 4wd can be used on both high or low range gears.

msigg, Jan 28, 7:08am
4H and 4low, low is for low speed , swamps, hills, crawling, that sort of thing, 4H would be for faster travel ie on a beach doing 30km/h to 80 km/h. Hope that makes sense. i have a safari so don't know the Isuzu, i engage 4 wheel drive at stationary, you may have to move forward a bit while engaging. Someone with an Isuzu will post and tell you more.

intrade, Jan 28, 7:11am
also usually you hear a click noise when the 4wd engages or disengages. if it dont seems to disengage you have to move backwards.and it must have the same tyres and the same worn to not cause problems when it is in 4wd to come out of 4 wheel drive . otherwise if you have different tyres the 4wd starts to push or pull and lock gears jamming them when you want to disengage.

intrade, Jan 28, 7:14am
you might even have to turn the locks on front on the wheel unless they are automatic locking . usually states automatic or if it dont says on off with a arrow then they are auto locking like on safari or my hilux
safari locks the wheels with pin. the hilux locks the front differential on to the drive shaft . and if you got manual locks they must be turned off again when not used to not cause extra drag

matarautrader, Jan 28, 7:40am
Had one of these years ago.From memory to change into 4WD first you have to stop the vehicle and put it in either park or neutral. Then push the 4WD lever forward and it will go into 4WD hi ratio. Then sideways if you want to go into 4WD lo ratio. Reverse process when going back to 2WD. If it won't come out of 4WD when its in 2WD position try backing up and driving forward a few meters until the 4WD light goes out

jmma, Jan 28, 7:41am
Uummm read the OP again (o:

quickbuck, Jan 28, 7:44am

Did you actually read the original post? Or did you just go into Auto Dribble?

Look at this bit:
"The vehicle has auto lock hub."

kiwi.wearz, Jan 28, 7:57am
Thankyou for all the juicy info! I will give it a try tomorrow!

quickbuck, Jul 19, 2:45am
Great stuff.

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