Broken brake bleed valve.

m16d, Jan 24, 6:01am
One of the brake bleed screws on the caravan has broken off.
How can i get the thing out so I can put a new one in. ?

skull, Jan 24, 6:05am
I'd pull the caliper or cylinder off & work on it on the bench. If it's broken flush try a left handed drill bit. If there is something to grip jam a nail in the centre hole and use vice grips or a stud remover if you have one the correct size.

johotech, Jan 24, 6:45am

sr2, Jan 24, 6:55am
I've repaired many over the years and the only 100% reliable method I found is to mount the calliper in a drill press or preferably a mill and drill the broken bleed valve out with a tapping sized drill. If you're lucky there will be enough of the internal bleed hole left to use it to align the calliper in the drill press (use a small drill pushed into the remnants of the bleed nipple for the setup). The threads can then be picked out with a scriber.

A broken Eziout in a calliper is a nightmare, avoid them like the plague!

johotech, Jan 24, 7:27am
Hardly a big deal. A standard brake cylinder is less than $30 anyway.

sr2, Jul 25, 2:15pm
Haven't seen a wheel cylinder on a caravan/ trailer for decades, we're all assuming it's a calliper?

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