Mpv or Estima 2006 or later

goose29, Dec 29, 1:53am
I've used the search function to answer most of my questions, but also just wondering if one is known for being more reliable than the other?
Also is the rear row of seats in the estima less comfy than earlier models?
I wish I didn't need a people mover lol

kazbanz, Dec 29, 3:25am
Gooose-Provided you mean the 2.3 MPV then I wouldn't rate either higher than the otherreliability wise .I think the estima 06 and newer is more comfortable than the MPV for passengers. But the very back row isn't the single sliding bench seat that earler models had so isn't quite as comfortable for leg room if that's an issue.

goose29, Dec 29, 5:10am
Thanks for your help. We have a 2001 estima that has seen us through the years of having young kids. Now they're a bit older is time to upgrade. There are 7 of us but we're not usually all in the car together and don't do much long distance. Obviously we'll test drive some but it's good to know a bit about the various models first.

mugenb20b, Dec 29, 9:30am
Can't comment on comfort but I'd say the Toyota is generally more reliable, provided it was regularly serviced. The only advice I can give you is to stay away from turbo charged MPVs as they can have engine problems and have no spare tyre / wheel.

mad_signtist, Dec 29, 10:15am
Go for an oddysey

goose29, Dec 29, 9:14pm
Mmm odysseys are more station wagon like with extra seats. We have ruled out wish and ipsum for the same reason. The mpv is slightly bigger and the estima slightly bigger again.

franc123, Apr 17, 9:17am
Yes, I don't regard Oddities as proper people carriers either, FAR too cramped and low in the roof. Mind you why Toyota dropped the 2000's Estima roofline as far as they did at the back is anyone's guess, it was far better in the old 90's eggvan. MPV's were always dogged by short life auto's but whether this is better on late ones I don't know, at least with Estima they are more popular and are thus generally easier to get spares and repairs for without delays.

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