VE SS Commodore - things to look for? 06-09

200sx, Jan 20, 8:45am
Hi all. Am looking to purchase a VE Commodore SS or SSV. Will be trying to get the best/lowest mileage example I can for around the $30k mark, and most likely auto (since manuals are very rare). In general, what areas of potential trouble should I be looking for. I'm looking for examples that have full dealer history from new, and unmodified (so I can choose the mods myself). Is the L98 6 litre and 6 speed auto bulletproof if maintained and looked after? I'm thinking the main issue may be build quality and variations between examples - or were most of those "don't buy a car built on Friday" issues sorted out by the VE? Any feedback appreciated. Cheers.

grangies, Jan 20, 8:53am
Yep, and that's why they are so cheap to buy.

Quite fast though, for the cheap price. lol.

brapbrap8, Jan 20, 10:00am
Like all ausie cars, they seem to be decent motors but its everything else that falls off.
My dad had one for a while and got sick of its constant issues, things like the ignition barrel breaking, and the transmission jamming in park are tiresome and result in a few tow truck rides.
Depreciation is massive on them which does make them good value second hand though.

retry, Jan 21, 4:53am
the early VE's had a recall on the floor pans , leaking water up throw the seems, so the first of the VE's have a mod floor pan which still leaks after the factory mod, and also the body module gives up on them every few years ( which is $500ish to replace), thats the main issues with them, as long as maintanined the engines and drivelines dont have issues, just normal wear and tear, dont get me wrong i own one and im a mechanic that works on them regularly, you dont buy one for fuel economy or reliability, you buy one because you like them, i hope that helps somewhat

carclan, Jan 23, 3:31am
I have a SV6 VE with a six speed manual, quite happy with it really

clark20, Jan 23, 8:46am
OK, First they are good cars. (even with below)
2nd - guy at panel beaters across the road from my work bought a 2010 redline 6 speed SS series 2 for 30K, great value from Autosure.
Things I have had go wrong with mine
Fuel level sensor when run on E10
Engine mounts
Radiator inlet broke off (from above I think)
Harmonic Balancer
Power steering hose leaking
Water leaks into cabin
Air con (compressor and condenser)
Heater hoses
But it is a great car, just done 1000km on holiday, went up the kaimais at 100km/hr

xs1100, Jan 23, 8:25pm
whats so great about 100kph up the kaimais my ranger done that the other day loaded

shakespeare6, Jan 23, 8:54pm
+1 lol so can my Jeep and diesel Navara

clark20, Jan 23, 9:18pm
So up the twisty side and keeping over 100km/h the whole way? That I would like to see.

hang on . are you trying to say your loaded Ranger can corner better than my Commodore with 20s, new S02 Bridgestone's (as used by Porsche) , over 400hp and FE2 suspension? Yeah right.

chook90, Jan 23, 9:50pm
Sorry chaps but the idea that a car with well documented floor pan seam issue, electronic module issues and a host of other problems is worth buying seems crazy.

Seriously, we are talking a circa $30k purchase here of a car that would be give or take 5 years old and the general consensus is that you buy them because you like them rather than because they are in any way reliable.

Frankly for 30k there are MANY better options that will be just as quick (if not quicker), more economical, handle better and most importantly, not require you to sacrifice an arm and a leg every time something else breaks - put simply other cars offer substantially better reliability.

The Australian motor industry has died for good reason. Ford delivered the B series - frankly it killed them. Holden delivered the VE, again it killed them. On paper they look ok, in practice a German would hang himself before delivering a car with so many problems and such appalling reliability.

skyblue17, Jul 26, 7:06am
Until he has to spend a fortune at a gas station. too often to be amusing.

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