Auto slipping on 97 landrover discovery

gpg58, Sep 13, 11:43pm
Truck has 185k's on her, which seems possibly genuine from wear, (and speedo digits line up properly).
Just towed a trailer for the first time yesterday, all was fine towing a scoop of shingle.
But today with just 240 kgs on trailer, i heard a belt slipping type noise from under car when doing 5kph and lightly accelerating. Later also noticed a lurch as she changed up from 2nd to third.
Without trailer on a slip can sometimes be induced with hard acceleration too now.
Oil level is fine (engine running, in drive, with hand brake on at idle)

Is there anything adjustable or user replaceable in these auto's, or should i have just parked in the tip with the trailer load of rubbish?
Pity to scrap her, as engine runs real sweet after lots of new bits, and did the hood lining too recently, but at cost of a reco auto, i guess she's just scrap value now.

franc123, Sep 14, 12:11am
Definitely got symptoms of clutch pack failure, how does the oil actually smell? Burnt?

gpg58, Sep 14, 12:21am
Thanks, but No, oil is clean and smell free, as this has just started happening.
(I had a tranny flush done about 4000kms ago.)

elect70, Jun 30, 9:32am
Unusual for them to wear out at such relatively low milage The ZF 4 sp is a good tough trans . suggest get checked out . Big job to fix as trans/ transfer box have to come out as 1. good news is plenty of discos & rangeis of that era being wrecked

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