Landrover brake coming on randomly?

sparks47, Mar 21, 9:53am
Landrover brake coming on randomly? will be driving along and the breaks come on

intrade, Mar 21, 10:11am
what year 2019 ?

msigg, Mar 21, 10:11am
The brake return springs need replacing, maybe

msigg, Mar 21, 10:12am
Or late model adaptive braking on?.

evotime, Mar 21, 10:49am
You need to elaborate, model and year to start, and a much better description- there’s so many possibilities your description is about as good as “my car has a noise what is it”
Is it when cornering, following other vehicles etc and chimes or noises, any dash lights etc

clark20, Mar 21, 11:05am
Yes, what year, new ones have adaptive braking to avoid accidents, will be a setting

gph1961, Mar 21, 11:40am
series 1 LWB?

supernova2, Mar 21, 6:24pm
Older one will probably be a master cylinder fault.

strobo, Mar 21, 8:15pm
Besides the master cylinder also can be a "swollen reaction disc" between the master cyl ie master /vac) if it is power assist! .

sr2, Mar 21, 8:21pm
Earlier models ran hydovacs (when assisted)?

strobo, Mar 21, 8:44pm
You're too old ! ;-)

sr2, Mar 22, 8:18am
(And they were bastards to bleed!)

tony9, Mar 22, 9:25am
Yes, the nurses comment about how hard it is to get blood out of old veins.

Oh, and so were the old landrovers, nearly as bad as getting the f$%%#$#@ starter motor out and back in.

sr2, Mar 22, 8:06pm
I remember in the mid 70's my boss telling me the best way to bleed the brakes on a Series 1 was to roll it onto its roof!

gph1961, Mar 23, 6:37am
best way found was to hide in the toilet until another slave was given the job

kazbanz, Aug 31, 7:16am
What Year and what model ?
What do you mean by "breaks come on" ?
Light on dash or you can feel a braking action

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