msigg, Jun 1, 9:30pm
yes it has low ratio, little lever, probably high, neutral,low.

tamarillo, Jun 2, 12:02am
Yes as said. Ps, hope you're scoring much better bigger photos. Lots of them needed inc damage.

intrade, Jun 2, 1:17am
yes you need to retake pictures you can hardly see what your selling. you should have large photo resolutions if you need to shrink them for tradme you gan use the gimp you just open the photo with gimp select save as .jpg and save , click preview and shrink the immage file to 99kb or just below what tradme minimum file size is .

intrade, Jun 2, 1:19am
i assume you have windows i have linux and gimp is part of most linux systems . you need +gtk for winblows system

elect70, Jun 2, 1:56am
if going to own a 4wd hi /lo ratio vehicle it pays to know how to operate it .

budgel, Jun 2, 2:03am
With a bit of luck she wont be owning one for much longer!

haventrader, Aug 9, 7:10pm
The Discovery is permanent 4WD too.

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