Landrover Freelander

kam04, May 27, 12:22am
Anyone here own or know much about these re performance, reliability, problems etc. Have been browsing around 2008 upwards.

bert37, May 27, 2:03am
expect lots of silly little things to fail and parts are expensive with a capital E

thejazzpianoma, May 27, 3:33am
Haven't had any experience yet with the second generation Freelanders, but the first generation ones are actually very good. Very good value for money, surprisingly capable, reliable and quite economical (so long as they are serviced properly, as goes for anything).

BTW. there is a HUGE "Japanese or nothing" bias on these boards. So make sure that negative comments are actually made by those who actually know. It's very very hard to get a useful gauge on things in here.

andy61, May 27, 3:42am
What drugs are you on Jazz?Reliable?, you must be kidding, The 1st generation Freeloaders are a well known dog, the petrol engines(4 cylinder and V6) are well known for engine failures ie sinking cylinder liners leading to head gasket failure is just a start.Numerous electrical faults and so much more and you say they are a good car. Anyone would hope the 2008+ Freelanders are way better(should be as Ford did a lot of development on them).

skull, May 27, 4:29am
Maybe they are reliable compared to other brands that Jazz is more familiar with?

stuartb2, May 27, 4:37am
I have a 2002 diesel freelander about 235000k. Have had it for more than 5 years. Had to replace the main fuel pump about 3 years ago, about $1000, recently collapsed intercooler pipe. I have read about the numerous faults that is suppose to be common, but wonder if it is a noisy minority.

tamarillo, May 27, 5:01am
Wow the bs started quickly today.
He's got one, is that good enough!
I'll chime in and say my brother and sister in law have/ had them and had no problems whatsoever. These mark 2 ones serve them very well indeed.
It's not only Japanese that can make decent reliable cars these days.

msigg, May 27, 5:20am
Well andy61 has a point when the stats suggest high number of trans failures, I would be doing other research not just this site, New Zealand has a small fleet of these so not a good place to look for feedback, All the best.

tamarillo, May 27, 5:22am
Correction, Socram owns one, unsure about Jazz? My mistake.

mugenb20b, May 27, 6:33am
Socram sold his just before the warranty ran out.

mugenb20b, May 27, 6:35am
No, they are not.

tamarillo, May 28, 5:18am
I sit corrected. I do recall him speaking well of them though.

taurus61, Sep 5, 1:19am
The pros and cons of the first generation are irrelevant its production run was 1997- 2006
2008 is the freelander2 is a complete different beast.
I had 2008 i6 HSE and in the 4 years I had I never had a fault, sold it to a neighbor who still has it and is still giving reliable service. I tried the TD4 but found them noisier and lacked the urgency that you got with the i6.

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