Series one Landrover

squeekywheel, Jun 10, 6:01am
Help please. My friend has a Series one Landrover for sale. It has been shed stored and not started for many years but was running perfectly when parked up.It is in good/reasonable order and would be an ideal restoration project. She has absolutely no idea what it would beworth. any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

briantamaki-god, Jun 10, 6:29am
ok ill start .
is it an 80 or 86 or 88?
truck cab or hard top safari roof or soft top?
what size motor original?
whats the rust in door tops and firewall like?
reg dead or on hold?

msigg, Jun 10, 6:31am
Depends on condition, $3000 - $6000, just search on Trademe in the cars for sale section, select landrover etc.

squeekywheel, Jun 10, 6:53am
Hi guys. The specs as I have them :
1.6 litre 4 cylinder petrol engine
High-low transfer box
Part-time (selectable) four wheel drive
Power take-off outlets on tranmission
Four wheel drum brakes with seperate tranmission mounted handbrake
80" short wheelbase chassis
Rigid box section welded steel chassis members
Cab hard top
Not sure about rust haven't seen vehicle personally lately
Reg is lapsed.

tamarillo, Jun 10, 10:54am
Series 1 with all original bits is becoming classic and getting restored and collected, which just makes it harder to say what it's worth! Be more if original engine, seats, etc and everything there. Less if it's been modified or rusted out in steel parts.
Maybe ask a club, bound to be one for early landies.

elect70, Jun 11, 1:31am
The chassis is the most important part, rusted outriggers can be bought new but at $$$ . best way is to put it up as auction& it will attract plenty of interest

alfred011, Jun 12, 8:58am
The model with the skinny leaf springs and the clutch and brake pedals which go through the floor boards were the best model cross country .

bwg11, Jun 12, 9:59am
Series 1 covers 10 years. A 1948, irrespective of condition is valuable as a restoration project, whereas a rough 2 litre from 1958 will only have parts value. The OP's is 1600cc. which suggests it is reasonably early and if it is a "narrow dash" model would realise good money by auction.

briantamaki-god, Jun 26, 9:03am
they said its an 80 so the doors are on an angle not vertical to the body
it has a small oblong dash 1600 motor
yes these are collectible and worth a bit more than the other series 1s
just the condition of the chassis, firewall and door tops rust wise would be the concern the rest of the body is bermabright
also the grill in the front makes a great bbq plate

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