Landrover discovery v8 petrol fuel

tony9, Jan 17, 9:05am
Just had a similar issue with my P38 Range Rover. Cause was a loose vacuum line. Apparently the fuel pump is on briefly when starting, then stays on while there is some manifold vacuum. With the vacuum hose off (cruise control for me) no manifold vacuum was seen so engine only ran a few seconds and stopped with lack of fuel.

Fixed the vacuum line and problem gone.

domaine, Jan 15, 4:55am
This vehicle sitting maybe 3 years, put battery in and fuel gauge says 1/2 , so crank over, motor turns and fires and runs 2 seconds, then dies.
Can't get anymore life.
Try ether and , yes fires a bit .
Put gallon more fuel in, makes. O difference.
So obvious fuel problem.
Which fuel line connector should I undo to determine where fuel is getting to? And where is it located?
Or any other hints ?

intrade, Jan 15, 4:56am
might pay to tell us what year model you talk about after all with your explenation it could be a 2012 model or older-

intrade, Jan 15, 4:57am
petrol goes stale in 3 years. you would want to remove all fuel to start with from the tank

jmma, Jan 15, 5:32am
Yes agree with intrade, drain and replace fuel.

mojo49, Jan 15, 8:09am
And check state of fuel filter. 3 years with no fuel moving through it could cause it to block.

sheena32, Jan 15, 11:34am
change or altleast pull and clean plugs they will be fouled by now

elect70, Jan 16, 1:18am
yep fresh 91 gas & new fuel filter , bleed new fuel at the end of the injector rail . pump will only run for about 5 seconds when ign is turned on so do it couple of times .

gsimpson, Jan 16, 5:25am
Wouldn't 95 or 98 be recommended for disco? Best to check.

domaine, Jan 16, 7:24am
Where is the filter, as I've looked into engine well
Under the car too
So a hint would make this easy
Landrover is 1995 3.9 l v8 injected leather with two sun roofs electric

adam.jill, Jan 16, 8:22am
its on the right side chassis rail just forward of the rear wheel

domaine, Aug 7, 12:15pm
Thanks Adam on to it tomorrow ,
I want to undo a fuel line to determine if fuel is in pipe under pressure.
Tell me where or which pipe I can undo without interfering with high pressure injection system

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