Today i tested some brake fluid on a toyota. Page 1 / 2

intrade, Oct 18, 6:53pm
. and my tool did not read anything.

intrade, Oct 18, 6:54pm
can You guess Why

alleycatz, Oct 18, 6:57pm
condom still on from last night ?

intrade, Oct 18, 7:13pm
nop . you got to do better then that. When i pulled the tool out i instantly knew oh No something is seriously wrong and i dont think my tool is broken,was what i was thinking.

supernova2, Oct 18, 7:24pm
Not actually brake fluid but some other weird liquid?

intrade, Oct 18, 7:27pm
next question i asked is are your brakes working ok while i dunked my finger in the fluid bowl. .

strobo, Oct 18, 7:34pm
That be right lol.Maybe no fluid in the bowl!

intrade, Oct 18, 7:39pm
Dont be stupid it was a women she purchased the car not to long ago think just passed its wof.
fluid was full if i dunked my finger in it. i instantly did know what it was when i rubbed it beween my fingers.

strobo, Oct 18, 7:42pm
LOL . oh ok that one ,I remember you showed her your tool etc . all jokes aside. anyways . carry on :-)

strobo, Oct 18, 7:53pm
Did it have cooking oil in it ?

intrade, Oct 18, 7:56pm
Not 100% sure bit i did ask did yu put Engine oil in there?

strobo, Oct 18, 7:58pm
Any sort of oil that looks like brake fluid will swell the rubber seals .Big problems that.and having said that if that was the case it would be better there was water in there after all ;-)

intrade, Oct 18, 8:00pm
said nop never put anything in there. I did not care who did it at tis point only that it had to be remooved. engine oil swells seals of a brake system .so i got my turky baster out and sucked the high viscosety oil out . and you could see it had not propperly mixed with brake fluid. So i filled some old brake fluid back in and drove it in the shop

So what to do What to Doooo flush it thru the system. Na no way

strobo, Oct 18, 8:02pm
The whole system will need to be dismantled!

intrade, Oct 18, 8:05pm
i removed the fluid once again removed the fluid bowl who was lucky on 2 extension hoses befor the master cilinder used engine degreaser and water to fully clean and flush the removed bowl.

I then told her i have to remove the front wheels and push your brake pistons back so the fluid in the hoses will back up and lets hope no engine oil made it down to far.
Pushed cilinders back up purge the fluid who lucky looked clean refitted the bowl refilled and pumped the brakes pedal to fill the brake pistons again.
Said no guarantee but i think i might have got it all out .

intrade, Oct 18, 8:09pm
So whats to be learned
Brake fluid tester dont tests water in engine oil.
and that you need to think outside the box to try and fix things .
one the brakes where working fine= no swollen seals so far
2 i purged it in the correct direction.
And 3. is hope i got it all out.

strobo, Oct 18, 8:22pm
Id state that the fluid is contaminated ,most likely with other oil,just not worth the risk. Contaminated fluid with oil usually makes the brakes turn to mush, the pedal dropping to the floor. etc. eventual brake failure .You can not be 100% sure its a fix ,purging it out . And I assume it been driven around with brakes applied several times .If you tried to remedy that by reverse purging with fresh fluid .Just saying .and you can not guarantee . Does it have ABS ?Think again about sorting that one out .Seeing you layed hands on it.Its just not worth wearing the guilt if they happen to fail and something bad happens ,It may have a full pedal now but tomorrow or next week it may not ! at least cover yya rrrs and do the right thing .

intrade, Oct 18, 8:39pm
i told her about all the problems that could result from it. its got abs the fluid bowl also had chambers it was visible seperated the brake and engine oil .

snoopy221, Oct 18, 9:09pm
So now all these ladies have heard all about ya tool and cum ta check ya out.
It is NOT just the tool.
But if it ain't wet enough getting the old finger in there aye.
And yip re ole turkey.
they give a good sucking-lol
[And oil would have been floating on top of fluid]

richardmayes, Oct 18, 9:13pm
It's not what you've got, it's how you use it that makes the lady customers happy.

mrfxit, Oct 18, 9:18pm
Yep it's only an inch but makes a lot of difference . . As Intrade found out with his problem.

alfred011, Oct 18, 10:34pm
I had to fix 2 Goldoni orchard tractors after they put brake fluid in the reservoirs instead of brake oil it cost $10 000 to sort them out lucky they had a good insurance company .

mojo49, Oct 20, 9:57pm
And today her son who she bought it for, and who works for me, brought it out to the orchard for me to have a look at. It smelt quite hot but it must have just been the last of the degreaser.

intrade, Oct 21, 9:06am
lol no i use water soluble degreaser and i did wash the bowl good.
The degreaser was able to take off the sticky engine oil with the water washed off quite well .
Water is not a problem for brake fluid as somone Rightfully posted above.
The problem is only that water boils at 100% celsius if you paid attention in phisics class at scool. Definetly a subject where i did not look out the window .

intrade, Oct 21, 9:19am
be awear i only did it because there was 10 cm hoses on remote bowl , if the bowl was direct on master then she probably already would have had brake problems. its why i asked before i started the cleaning. if there are problems then id need to remove replace master replace Abs unit
replace rear cilinders. reseal front caliper with fresh rubbers and flush all lines. Geez thats 2500 to 3500$ estimated cost. she only paid 3500 for it.

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