Anyone know where to get a right headlight Estima

pozzie-nz, Oct 23, 8:48pm
these guys were good last time I used them cia 1995 BRAXTON CAR LIGHTS

lookoutas, Oct 23, 9:01pm
If all fails, go into your local Panelbeater and get them to list it on Parts Trader.

supernova2, Oct 23, 9:59pm
Your local Toyota dealer probably has them available overnight.

poppy62, Oct 24, 8:53am

sw20, Oct 24, 9:15am
Heh headlight in an Auckland Pick a Part will be long gone seven weeks after it hit the yard.

intrade, Oct 24, 10:48am
dotson seems to have one i got them to go and buy it in auckland. Tha for now

gmphil, Oct 26, 9:14am
jap car parts centre ?
as sein on tv .
church st onehunga

edit to add
toyota commerial ; great south road takanini south aucks

ozz1, Oct 26, 9:42am
have one here. $60. $20 fght 2 days. can list if you wish. 28-106rh

intrade, Oct 26, 10:17am
Thats the mockup old light no reflector gona fit new light now hopfully i have the room already .
Vehicle may or may not pass a wof after is what i said before i took the job. To just fit in the new light.

survivalkiwi, Oct 26, 12:36pm
The carpark at most backpacker hostels should have a couple.
Or any freedom camping spot.

intrade, Oct 26, 1:38pm
so time for a coffee almost done had to repair the wiring harness the hole in the bumper is the indicator .

intrade, Oct 26, 1:44pm
They got one read up top think 140$ . you should charge more for right hand one because thats the one selling most snoopys place lists 10 right and 24 left hand ones .

intrade, Oct 26, 5:37pm
ah yea i finished it including fixing wiring harness and i polished the other paint off only looks wrinkeled now.

intrade, Dec 14, 1:06am
one thing i noticed on the petrol version the cooling hoses dont look as much of a nightmare as they are on a diesel.
Think the pile of crap enema 3c-t diesel still runs 10 years later whom i repaired once .

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