Stereo codes.

rob_man, Jul 11, 9:08pm
I have a 2010 Colorado and the stereo has lost its code, will the local Holden dealer be able to tell me what it is from the VIN?
The ute came from Aussie.

supernova2, Jul 12, 12:26am
I had similar problem with a 20 year old Mitsi not so long ago and the local dealer had the code for me in less than 5 minutes. I must say I was gobsmacked.

kazbanz, Jul 12, 10:17am
Rob man--when ya call the 0800 number you will most likely get connected to auzzie anyway.
Have ALL the details to hand. Current rego number,Chassis number,Vin number etc. ive found them to be pretty helpful on that front.
That said.--have you looked right through the ownership books to se if the code is on a card inside one?

rob_man, Jul 12, 12:04pm
Don't have the book, as soon as it's registered I'll ring them.

lou64, Jul 12, 2:04pm
Hi guys stereo no on back of radio, remove & quote no to dealership all go been there done that cheers Lou

rob_man, Jul 12, 3:27pm
Cheers guys, I was hoping to avoid taking it out, but.

intrade, Jul 12, 5:35pm
i have a decoding tool somwhere for some radios . i did the blaupunkt on my astra and it said the same code as i already had in the ownership card.

gunhand, Nov 27, 12:46pm
Used to do this quite often few years back, and again just a month or so back, wandered into the dealer with rego plate number and two minutes later had code.

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