Snow / Power switch

olwen, Aug 20, 10:36am
My car (Nissan Avenir 2000) has a rocker switch near the gear selector with three positions. Snow, blank and power. Can someone tell this silly old lady the purpose of it?

kazbanz, Aug 20, 10:49am
It is quite literally for the purpose stated if that makes sense.-Blank is just normal gearbox. Power for want of a better description "sharpens up" the gear changes.You would probably feel the changes as being more Harsh.
Snow is for driving in snow so the changes are super soft-no jolting between gears.--Ive super simplified but hope you get the idea.

olwen, Aug 20, 10:52am
Thanks that makes sense.

gettinggrey, Aug 20, 1:59pm
I think 'Power' also raises the rev limit through the gears (for hill climbing as an example). The gears rev out higher before changing (well my Scania and Volvo work like that)!

budgel, Aug 20, 2:24pm
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saxman99, Aug 20, 3:31pm
On some cars the snow setting locks out first gear.

gusthe1, Aug 20, 3:50pm
On others it starts the car moving in 2nd then goes to 1st

m16d, Aug 20, 3:55pm
Yer. leave it in blank.

flack88, Aug 21, 8:49am
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rodeorunch, Aug 25, 8:56pm
Try the snow button.
It may just take of in 2nd gear so you don’t spin the wheel.
Toyota has a 2nd start button for this

kazbanz, Oct 14, 4:08pm
sorry guys--I was just keeping it really simple for the OP