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pixma, Aug 20, 7:00pm
Hi All. For the last few weeks I've noticed a wet patch on the passengers side of my car. Thought it may have been a leaky window or door and then completely forgot about it. Reached for something along the center console the other day and had a few drips of anti freeze on my hand! Checked water bottle and it was down a little bit. Got googling and the took some plastics off. It is leaking from where the pipes come though from the firewall and connect to the heater core (so just under gear stick height). Google seams to think the rubber o rings need replacing. Took it all apart on Saturday (what fun)!. Took the o rings around a few shops and they didn't have a match. So put it back together, refilled coolant and am now driving around with a small container hanging under the pipe join to catch drips. Armstrong don't/won't sell me the o rings, but a complete kit (see pic). Rung around a euro places today but nothing solid. Any ideas?

https://trademe.tmcdn.co.nz/photoserver/full/854496947.jpg pic of leak https://trademe.tmcdn.co.nz/photoserver/full/854496384.jpg

franc123, Aug 20, 7:19pm
I would try some general or hydraulic engineers supply places, it seems unlikely they would be unable to find a match even if it's something they would have to order in, giving the precise OD and ID of the pipes will help. EBay could be another option.

pixma, Aug 20, 7:27pm
Would it do any harm to make a "U" with some hose and clamp it to both pipes, bypassing the heater while I wait around for Ebay? It's leaking a good half a cup a day now. I took it to a mechanic and asked if he could pull the pipes away from the firewall and join them together but he said no.

Not keen on paying $85 for a complete kit either.

poppy62, Aug 20, 7:32pm
As Franc123 says. It would also pay to put some silicon sealant on the O rings as it will aid in any possible defects on the pipes or deformation on the flange. remember not to tighten the flange bolt too tightly as this could cause the O rings to deform and leak. Air Condition businesses may have similar size O rings to what you need, would be worth taking a trip out to them.

poppy62, Aug 20, 7:34pm
You could just plug both hoses and put a hose clip on each until you find what you need.

franc123, Aug 20, 7:36pm
It may be possible it its going to depend on how much room you have to play with, it could be that bridging it with hose could be a little risky due to risk of it blowing off again. What else is in the seal kit? It may be advisable to get that and fit all the parts, if those rings have failed, what else is likely to soon?

pixma, Aug 20, 7:45pm
Thank you both. Hmmm. Would silicon sealant dissolve in anti freeze? Should have taken the measurements of those rings before putting them on again. The rings were certainly harder than the ill fitting ones Repco sold me.

intrade, Aug 20, 8:06pm
did you setablish its o rings not hairline cracks? Also how easy to dismantel to change o rings. ok sounds like its easy enough to dismental.
Where is that guy who said he can get cheap puke psa shite parts because they are so good?
in all fairness you can have similar problems on vw or toyota plastic shite . leakes and plastic problems usually originate from wrong coolants.

gs1220, Aug 20, 8:25pm
I got the o-rings and the plastic pipes from a wreck at Pickapart which enabled me to rehearse taking the things off - which took considerable brute force to pull them through the firewall. I did it without pulling the heater core out. I still haven't used the parts because the leak seems to have stopped. Our one had very rusty coolant and the fins of the waterpump had dropped off. So change the antifreeze regularly. I would have thought the o-rings were standard and easily available from an o-ring specialist. If the plastic tubes are cracked then a wrecker would be the go. Tricky job imo. Nice cars, but these o-rings are a known problem - as are problems with the instruments. I got the instruments from the wreck also. So the mileage went from 200k to nearly 400k in an afternoon. This will take some explaining I think.

pixma, Aug 20, 8:30pm
I did carefully look for anything amiss, but the leak is exactly at the join, and google seams to suggest the o ring becomes a problem.

snoopy221, Aug 20, 8:39pm
Well seems someone posting in here can possibly supply the inner and outer dimensions and thickness of the said o rings for ya savin ya stripping it.

And are they black or green and round or flat o rings?

Also there used to be such a thing as an o ring kit which was basically thickness diametric rubber which one cut and superglued together for the relevant internal and external diameters

pixma, Aug 20, 8:42pm
gs1220 - would you sell the parts if you haven't used them?

intrade, Aug 20, 8:43pm
gs1220 get electronics could probably change the milage for you if its digital. i could also by reading the eeprom and writing it back on to the chip. Alternatively the chip could be swapped solderd over.

skull, Aug 20, 8:44pm
Bearing supply companies would normally carry a range of O rings, they are worth bugger all each.

djrandomguy, Aug 20, 8:54pm
have you tried contacting a PSA specialist garage near you, we have Bishops & Greg Kent automotive up here, and chances are they will have dealt with this issue before.

pixma, Aug 20, 9:02pm
Only Armstrong chch.

Are the water pressures so strong the U bend idea is an absolute no go?

saxman99, Aug 20, 9:05pm
It sounds like you have some decent car fixing skills there. Why not just buy the $85 kit with all its nice shiny new bits, replace it all yourself and then enjoy the feeling of all the money you saved by not paying some other dude $90 an hour to do it? If my Peugeot 307 had a coolant leak I could fix for $85 I'd be happy as Larry.

gazzat22, Aug 20, 9:06pm
We used to be able to buy an ORing repair kit with various lenths of ORing material and a tube of Super Glue.Try Repco or SCA. As per #11.

ralphdog1, Aug 20, 9:09pm
Seal Imports in CHCH.
If you have the dimensions they will have the O ring.

intrade, Aug 20, 9:11pm
maybe wish.com has it . they got all sorts of crap i seen a indicator stalk for a astra for 12 bux deliverd and tons of stuff for hondas . i fitted a electric brake switch for 5 bux from wish to my passat for testing it works fine for how long is my test . got the other in glove box should the chinesium one fail.

snoopy221, Aug 20, 9:11pm
Hoots mon veee ask da serious questions and ya nae reply mon

what damn color are they?
and is ya ring piece round or flat?

Edits to add zeyy probably common garden black

Prior to 1987, O-Rings for R-12 mobile AC applications were almost exclusively black.
Material-wise, the rubber in these O-Rings may have been Nitrile (Buna-N), Neoprene, or a blend
of these two compounds. In 1987, the Montreal Protocol mandated the change to a non-ozonedepleting
refrigerant and OEMs around the world unanimously selected R-134a as the refrigerant
to replace R-12. In the aftermarket, refrigerants were offered that were blends of various base
refrigerants. Whether using R-134a or a blend of other refrigerants, the common trait among these
new refrigerants is that a different O-Ring compound was recommended for sealing. Several
new rubber compounds were identified as being suitable for sealing R-134a and the blend
refrigerant. The O-Rings that were made from these new rubbers have commonly been colored in
order to distinguish them from the earlier black O-Rings that were compatible only with R-12.
Over the past 15 years, O-Rings used in sealing hoses and components of mobile AC systems
have routinely been one of three colors: black, blue, or green. Black O-Rings offered by Four
Seasons are Neoprene and are fully compatible with R-134a, however, it is impossible to look at a
black O-Ring and tell if it is Nitrile (R-12) or Neoprene (R-134a). That is the reason colors have
been adopted. Blue and green have become the standard colors for those applications. The blue
O-Rings that are available today are Neoprene. They are colored blue with an external coating to
distinguish them from black nitrile O-Rings that are identical in appearance yet not recommended
for use with R-134a. The green O-Rings are Highly Saturated Nitrile (also known as
Hydrogenated Nitrile) and are commonly referred to as HNBR or, in some cases, HSN. In either
case, the green color is molded into the rubber. The blue Neoprene and green HNBR O-Rings are
interchangeable in their applications with R-134a, blended refrigerants, and R-12 as well.
Recently, there has been a move to consolidate the black Neoprene, blue Neoprene, and green
HNBR O-Rings offered in the Four Seasons product line to all green HNBR O-Rings. The
rationale behind this is that if all these O-Rings are equally compatible with R-134a, then it is
unnecessary to offer more than just one type. The elimination of the numerous duplicate part
numbers for black, blue, and green O-Rings will offer obvious benefit and will result in a general
simplification of the O-Ring selection process. The elimination of black Neoprene from the mix
is obvious as this compound presents an identification problem for the service technician. The
reason for selecting green HNBR over blue Neoprene is twofold. First is the fact that green
HNBR has OE acceptance and application whereas blue Neoprene has been predominantly an
aftermarket phenomenon. The second reason is because green HNBR has a slightly higher
operating temperature range when compared to Neoprene which makes it the slightly more
desirable choice. Add to these the earlier mentioned benefit of a large reduction in O-Ring SKUs
through the elimination of black and blue O-Ring part numbers and you have a clear picture of
why this change taking place.

tmenz, Aug 20, 9:58pm
Contact this firm.
I've been to them on several occasions for odd sized O rings and they've always been able to supply!

pixma, Aug 21, 4:23am
flat and black

pixma, Aug 21, 4:57am
I might just get the kit, but would I use it just to do the just the o rings and keep the parts left over or put the lot in? ie pipes, firewall plates etc and all?

Was talking to a peugeot parts place in the BOP yesterday, was meant to ring him back so will do that later today and see what he came up with.

snoopy221, Aug 21, 10:11am
ENZED are new zealand agents for parker who do square section(Flat Black) o rings also used in disc brake caliper applications although your seal diameters may well be outside normal automotive or motorcycle

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