Landrover Freelander

kam04, Jul 6, 11:59pm
Have been browsing Landrover Freelanders around 2007/2008 3.2. Any comments good or bad.

seadubya, Jul 7, 1:07am
CMW is a comedian at heart. That is to say, he makes me laugh.
This is his review of the model before the one you are looking at

kam04, Jul 7, 2:03am
Only got through about half of it but interesting reading

beno, Jul 7, 2:32am
It is true. they really are shit. My workshop refused any warranties whatsoever on any repairs due to their inherent failure rate. maybe the later ones are a bit better.

kam04, Jul 7, 2:57am
It's hard to decide on what sort of SUV to purchase really isn't it. If one took to heart all the write ups on every make and model available one wouldn't purchase anything. We would all go back to riding bicycles or horses even. Even then there would be something wrong with them as well. Shanks' pony would be the only thing left but if you've got arthritic ankles like me, they're blardy useless as well, lol. We've had every model of Honda CR-V and haven't had any problems at all with any of them. They've all been under the 100ks. The one we have at the moment is a 2013 2L, wife's car, just right for her but I want something a little larger for myself around the 3 - 3.5L.

msigg, Jul 7, 3:26am
Yes kam04 if you read everything you will not buy anything, local mechanics are a good sounding board, my partners CRV has 250k without any trouble whatsoever, My safari is 300k no problems, see plenty off prado with 400k on too without problems, sometime it seem just the owners and maybe lack of proper servicing that takes its toll, outlander is very good, some car do have lots of small electrical issue from cheap or poor fittings, that are not made by the manufacturer but a subsidary company, bit like the airbag issue.

kam04, Jul 7, 4:00am
I've been looking at the Prado for quite some time as I am a Toyota person. All of my work vehicles have been Hiaces including the one I'm driving now. I'm retiring from my business and am thinking of trading the Hiace, 2008 - 79k new shape - on something else. The Prado's fetch a pretty high price - 2003, 172k, $25k. 5yrs older and double the kms. I don't usually step backwards but it looks as though I might have to.

taurus61, Jul 7, 4:39am
I had the i6 freelander 2 and would have to say it would be one of the nicest vehicles i have owned. The Freelander 2 has nothing in common with the earlier freelander, which was regarded as having issue right from the start. The Freelander 2 was designed and built when ford were in control of Landrover and as such shares it platform with the Mondeo and the X type Jag. The I6 3.2 is a derivitive of the volvo 5 cylinder engine and is very smoth and in the freelander 2 gives a great balance of fuel economy ( from memory around 10l/100k) and good power for a vehicle of its size and shape. I did over 80,000k in the 4 years I had it and sold it to a dealer who on sold it to a neighbor so still see it around , It has now done over 200,000k they still enjoy it and they have had no issues with it.

kam04, Jul 8, 9:40pm
What year was it ?

taurus61, Mar 3, 5:33pm

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