WoF - do non essential lights need to work?

awoftam, Jun 12, 6:54pm
I have an i40 and the LED strip under one of the headlights isn't working. It can't be fixed, the whole light needs to be replaced, so its going to cost the thick part of $2,000-00 (the light plus about 1 hour's labour). I just about choked.

When I said I wouldn't replace it, I was told that if a car has lights on it, they need to be working to get a WoF regardless of whether they were necessary or not. Is this correct?

tweake, Jun 12, 7:22pm
no they don't need to work, but they must work in pairs.
so you need to disable the other one.

franc123, Jun 12, 7:31pm
No non mandatory lamps don't need to work but is this strip performing the function of a front marker light, or sidelight if you like? Or is it a DRL? The correct/complete answer to what its function is will determine what needs to be done with it.

tygertung, Jun 12, 7:31pm
Can you paint over it, and the other side so noone knows?

pauldw, Jun 12, 7:39pm
"A forward-facing permitted lamp that does not comply with the equipment, condition and performance requirements must be made to comply or be disabled so that it does not emit a light." Usually that means turning off the lamp that is still going.

Is it the drl leds? Apparently you can get replacement driver modules rather than replace the whole thing. This seems to be a common fault. An auto electrician might be a better bet than a Hyundai dealer

awoftam, Jun 12, 8:02pm
Oh cool thank you - yes its the drl led. I will ask an auto electrician. Edit to say I have just googled based on what you said and it looks like ti can be done so I am hopeful. You would think the dealer would know that?

Thanks so much again.

saxman99, Jun 12, 8:31pm
The dealer is only interested in the easiest and/or most expensive option.

cattleshed, Jun 12, 8:35pm
awoftam wrote:
I have an i40 and the LED strip under one of the headlights isn't working. It can't be fixed, the whole light needs to be replaced, so its going to cost the thick part of $2,000-00 (the light plus about 1 hour's labour). I just about choked.

Take a look using this link:

This is an interesting post within the forum, I am not sure if it will sort your situation but check it out:

#18 · Sep 27, 2019
"Good day to you all. A short update on Russian technologies.
After 10 days of waiting, the chip has arrived. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the unit. Well built and sealed. Took me less than 15 minutes to undo one side of the bumper (plenty of material on YouTube on how to do it) and extract the headlamp. There is a small hatch on the bottom of the headlamp that gives enough access to the connections of the chip.
I have used the guidelines from the Russian website to install the chip (https://ledstudio.ru/e-store/-
ELEMENT_ID=186526). Don’t bother using google translator. Just follow the images. It is a little awkward to join the cables together but after about an hour the job was done."

Maybe there are other solutions too. It does reveal that it is a common failure!

awoftam, Jun 12, 8:52pm
Gosh yes - flipping annoying - I hope there's enough info on here for the autoelectrician I know to sort it - he's pretty good by all accounts so fingers crossed. My car is probably only worth about $12k now I suppose so to spend $2k on a light just doesn't make sense (esp when the other one is likely to go too) - and its only done 74000kms :-(

skiff1, Jun 12, 9:05pm
Why in gods name do we even need a micro chip to run a headlight? I am not a Luddite, and can see the value of a lot of modern tech, but a light? Jesus, it’s mental.

pauldw, Jun 12, 9:35pm
If your i40 has the drl strip that becomes the position light you will have to fix that as position lights are mandatory. Good luck.

franc123, Jun 12, 9:40pm
Ive never personally worked out if these people are just dim bulbs or just have got no lights on upstairs at all. As I keep saying over and over,
Hope You Understand Nothings Durable And Inexpensive.

muppet_slayer, Jun 12, 10:05pm
$2000 dollars for a headlight. what a f en rip off!

redhead18, Jun 12, 10:12pm
I Likeee LOL
Back when they were a rebadged mk3 coathanga we just called emm moorings. (High And Dry)

trade4us2, Jun 12, 10:21pm

"if you go to Ebay you can buy a pair for under £100.00 and they arrived in just a few days"

Or, how about you buy an LED strip for about $40? They run on 12 volts.

intrade, Jun 13, 10:10am
Ok That can be a big problem because if one side works and other side don't it is a WOF fault because if it is there it must work just like fog lights.
Now if it is the driver board easy fix but if the LED strips inside the headlight are gone. Depending on how they are soldered it can down the whole row if one is gone just like in house LED bulbs. See biclive.com he messes with all them 2$ shop bulbs a lot .
Now the next problem is the driver will be PWM plus with modulated . So to pass the wof the whole DRL "daylight running-lamp" Would need to be programmed or coded out in the computer system = no drl as new zealand does not have daylight running light as law like retards in switzerland . when germany said it made no sense and is no longer law.

intrade, Jun 13, 10:16am
https://www.sparekorea.com/ bookmark that. and check for new headlight because if it is led you need to do a BigClive on your old light. http://bigclive.com/

pauldw, Jun 13, 10:34am
Fog light rule has changed, now can be disabled you don't have to fix.

intrade, Jun 13, 10:35am
i just looked the headlight is in electrical The light is the number outside the box if you hover over it you see it . Then i have chatted to the box when they work in korea they ship every day to new zealand i was told asking for parts available For my Ssangyoung-istana-aka mb140-mercedes they also list on ebay at times but that site is the direct link to o-e-m factory parts. A headlight like this is ausaully about 250 to 450$ us so about 600$ is the expected price. its why i keep telling dont own new cars . i think i can get the passat one cheaper from FCP-euro but only just.

nice_lady, Jun 13, 10:51am
Yeah had that issue with fog lights on my 2013 Elantra - BEFORE that rule change . The dealership was doing a WOF and said they needed adjusting but the adjuster was broken. They said new fog lights will be $750 thanks . They didn't mention that all would be fine if the lights were removed, (NOW you only have to disable them - ie: remove fuse or bulbs). Anyway they have a right angle adjuster. Which once removed makes adjusting them a very simple matter of using a Phillips screwdriver. They didn't say THAT either. We got them to replace the lights for $550 in the end and Hubby was NOT happy when he got the old ones and realised we'd been diddled and they could have been easily adjusted

Moral of the story: don't necessarily take the word of the dealership as gospel.

awoftam, Jun 13, 11:13am
Wow I have learned a lot - you guys/gals are awesome, thank you so much for taking the time to reply.

I'll contact the AE tomorrow and see what he says.

Cheers all.

bigfatmat1, Jun 13, 3:03pm
Have you had it sent away. Get electronics in chch is a pro at repairing led lights in assemblies. He is one clever guy

kazbanz, Jun 13, 4:37pm
At the other end of the car but Ive had a fair bit of success with changing Hi Stop LED's. Its actually not all that difficult.

trogedon, Jul 26, 6:11pm
Don't take the Gospel as gospel either!

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