Brockies 85 Commodore sells for $1mill+

cjohnw, May 26, 8:36am

wasgonna, May 26, 10:09am
Have to be the worst colour I've ever seen.

tgray, May 26, 10:22am
In 10 years time, it will be worth double that.

msigg, May 26, 3:10pm
In 10 years time there will be no petrol left to run it. But yes historic items of significance always appreciate.

poppy62, May 26, 4:40pm
In 10 years time it'll need it's 5th total restoration, if the Ferrous oxide termites have been busy.

likit, May 26, 8:31pm
Beautiful car

franc123, May 26, 8:35pm
So what, Brock owned lots of cars. His Austin A30 race car and his personally modified Mobil 1 EA Falcon and Lada Samara are in a sense more interesting creations and all equally deserving of a droolfest by someone with too much money.

trogedon, May 26, 8:45pm
Cool car but HORRIBLE white wheels (no doubt they're more aero than more 'open' wheels).

gunna-1, May 27, 8:25am
There will be tons of petrol to be had, but in contested areas.

alowishes, May 27, 9:16am
Makes the price of that Duke’s of Hazzard car (on another thread) seem quite reasonable!

houseofdad, May 28, 8:31am
Love that colour.

Picking when there is no petrol left cars like this to be repaowered with electric motors and still worth good dollars.(big business in the states already converting classic cars) Folk want to be driving an ev with a point of difference.

houseofdad, May 28, 8:33am
Could be worse could be a 2000 to 2006 Merc and not even make its first decade without leaving it's owner penniless.

alowishes, May 28, 8:55am
Look up ‘electric Corvette’ - the cost of the conversion will make your eyes water.

houseofdad, May 31, 5:22pm
Yes a boutique market at the moment, won't be later on.

trogedon, May 31, 8:15pm
People have been converting cars to EV in NZ for decades.

richynuts, Jun 1, 10:15pm
I.wonder if Peter fitted that car with a polarizer? Maybe worth a bit more if he did. lol

bitsnpieces2020, Jun 2, 4:02pm
fugly car. Buyers remorse in 3,2,1.

richynuts, Jun 2, 8:58pm
buyers remorse. there is gonna be plenty of that once covid is all sorted.

holly-rocks, Jul 28, 1:47pm
OMG that is ugly. But then again I’ve never seen a good looking Holden, even one that’s worth a million bucks! 😂😂😂

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