2nd hand caravan purchases

donkandjo, Nov 24, 6:59am
hi all sellers and buyers of caravans please be aware SOME caravans will have leaks only a detailed inspection will pick up.I have looked at about 10 2nd hand uk caravans with at least 50% of them having leaks that only a solid inspection will pick up underneath the floors in rear corners and doorways are common.
I have also looked at 3 austrailian caravans 3 different makes all having leaks around the front and rear hatches.This is not scaremongering but a polite warning to both sellers and buyers to do due diligence .In all cases the current owners were not aware of these issues cheers Shane

intrade, Nov 24, 8:33am
yea thanks. its also the reason Why i was or am hesitating to buy a box trailer. I recall my 4x2X2 meter iveco turbo dayli box leaked also. maybe thats why i dont want to spend 15 grand on a box and instead keep looking to try and buy a 2020 vw high roof crafter for 50 grand lol

3tomany, Nov 24, 8:44am
When looking for a caravan a few years ago i asked a reputable caravan repair owner if the stories about leaking UK caravans were true and what to avoid or do about it. His reply was ALL caravans leak and do not buy one without getting it properly checked. Good advice.

totalimp, Nov 24, 2:17pm
So who do you get them checked by? We are possibly looking at purchasing one, didn't even think leaks would be a concern. Guess i've got some more research to do!

gusthe1, Nov 24, 3:31pm
Owned 2 English vans and 2 nz vans. Never had any leak problems with the English ones. The 2 nz ones, several years ago, were diabolical for leaks.
Only moisture problem I've seen in another English van was the result of being put in a container in an English winter and subject to a middle Eastern heat.

3tomany, Oct 20, 2:02am
Not sure down your way but in Whangarei we have a caravan specialist. They are so busy it can take months to get a repair done. As i understand they can moisture test caravans. Have no idea how they do it. When i bought mine it got a three month guarantee from a dealer, so was a safer bet.

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