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kazbanz, Sep 5, 4:14pm
All of them are good cars -The lexus IMO is likely to feel too big for you.
The Ractis I genuinely feel is nice but not as nice as the pre 2010 version. The roof is lower and there isn't as much room in the back.
But again I'd recommend the Toyota Spade over that generation Ractis. -Cheaper /newer /better spec level
Aqua's aren't all created equal so its not a matter just of year but colour and spec level play a part

lythande1, Sep 5, 4:17pm
2013 Ford Focus Trend 2.0 - 120,900km - $11,995
2012 Mitsubishi Lancer VRX 2.4L - 116,986km - $11,990

2007 Toyota Corolla, GL 1.8L - 65,771km - $9,490
2007 Toyota RAV4, 2.4L - 95,870km - $11,990
2015 Kia Rio, 27,558kg - $14,990


2010 Nissan Qashqai, 2.0 - 107,182km - $14,995

Reviews tell you what you need to know

s_nz, Sep 5, 6:45pm
The rear view mirror cutting into vision thing is common on cars with lower roof profiles these days (especially if you are tall). You will need to check each individual model to see that it is not to problematic for you. My assumption is that taller cars like the Ractis, Porte, Spade etc will do better in this regard.

gblack, Sep 5, 10:04pm
Got that, as the prices and selection were bit unusual; hence me suggesting that might be worthwhile extending the search area to get a better deal.

Once she had a short list, she could get a friend to drive to Auckland, and any decent car dealer (cough,Kaz, cough) could arrange a couple to test drive and then drive one home.

gblack, Sep 5, 10:17pm
As above, I recommended the Aqua as my wife loves hers. You will love the fuel economy. There is a big range of spec levels. My wife's comes with nice little features like auto lights on, heated seats and running EV mode in car park is amusing. despite the subtle pedestrian warning sounds you can sneek around.

Downside is that the boot space is small, the engine is relatively noisy when it turns off and on.

Would still recommend but when comparing among the 3 you list, that they come with two keys, and number of airbags/features and if the stereo/reversing camera is Japanese or localised.

crafters_corner, Sep 6, 7:28pm
Hi again,

I've been taking notes, related to what you guys have said, and I have narrowed down alot, to what I want, and I have you all to thank for that.

Thank you all so much for your time and effort in giving advice/opinions. It has been valuable in getting my 'want' list narrowed down.

You all ROCK!

blueviking, Sep 7, 8:48pm
I'll go out there to get you a better car. Leather interior, heated seats for those cold Te Awamutu winter mornings,Reversing camera. Under 80ks. for around 10k.1600, turbo, so power when you want and economy at other times. The Edrive models are the stop/start ones. I think one of the sexiest cars ever built, but hey I've always liked the racing brick.Volvo S60. Nova auto's in Auckland have a few in your price range, just depends what you can talk them down to. The white 2012 has been on their yard since March, so could get it for around 10k.I took it for a test drive and it's good. but bought the 1 from Singapore on the $1 reserve last week from someone else.Was also looking at the 2 dark blue ones.Have owned my last Volvo for just over 12 yrs. Did the cambelt/waterpump , the rest was just routine wear & tear.BTW my wife also think they are the nicest looking cars out there.

kazbanz, Nov 23, 10:53am
In all honesty I feel you need to go actually look at some cars. see how they feel to you THEN ask us about reliability etc.Thats the problem with buying off the net. What 'in theory" works perfectly really might not work for you

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