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crafters_corner, Sep 4, 5:24pm
2013 Ford Focus Trend 2.0 - 120,900km - $11,995

2012 Mitsubishi Lancer VRX 2.4L - 116,986km - $11,990

2007 Toyota Corolla, GL 1.8L - 65,771km - $9,490

2007 Toyota RAV4, 2.4L - 95,870km - $11,990

2015 Kia Rio, 27,558kg - $14,990

2010 Nissan Qashqai, 2.0 - 107,182km - $14,995

Maybe rate them 1 - 10; 1 being "dont buy", and 10 being excellent. I think a score over 8, would be a good car to buy.

Thanks heaps, and yes, I'm still looking.:D
Well, to be more honest, I'm hardly looked at all, but these ones are of interest to me.

apollo11, Sep 4, 5:42pm
Last year you could buy a brand new Kia Rio for $16800 (runout special) , but the are good cars if a little underpowered. Steer clear of the Focus in automatic. My wife has a 2015 Focus in manual- cost $12500 last year.

vtecintegra, Sep 4, 5:56pm
I'd avoid the Focus because that year had the bad auto.

The others are all competent but are quite different sizes, you should figure out how big of a car you need before going any further.

kazbanz, Sep 4, 6:24pm
This post probably needs reading to answer the OP's questions
taken from her previous thread.
Hi guys, thank you all so much for you time and advice.

I will try and answer some questions.

It will only get driven around town, and occasionally out of town, but not far.
There will only be one driver. me.
I will be a cash buyer

The last two cars I've had, have been mitzi's, and they have served me pretty well. However, it's not necessarily the brand I'm looking for, but a car that will suit me. Just a medium size, one lady driver, type of car. I guess the make/model/year etc, is dependent on what I can get for my money.

It's been suggested that a Jap import is the way to go for me.

I would like this to be my forever car now. I'm 65 and plan on living for another 20 years, so I only need this one.:D

I guess the main things to check when buying a car, are the motor, brakes, and rust? My car hasn't passed it's warrant. one thing was "left & right sway bar bush worn front", but the second, and more important one is "all radiator support panel corrosion remedy". The vtnz also made a note of more rust developing, and probably wouldn't pass the wof next time. So. upshot of that, is that I don't think my old car ('98 mitzi) is worth spending any money on it, and may just list it on TM "as is, where is".

kazbanz, Sep 4, 6:32pm
In my opinion based on the above post ^^^ there is only one choice from the list you have given -That's the Corolla.
07 is 06-2011 model -The Km are good and its a solid car long term.

2013 Ford Focus Trend 2.0 - 120,900km - $11,995 -Not keen on the gearbox

2012 Mitsubishi Lancer VRX 2.4L - 116,986km - $11,990
Good car but 2.4l engine and higher km doesn't stack

2007 Toyota Corolla, GL 1.8L - 65,771km - $9,490

2007 Toyota RAV4, 2.4L - 95,870km - $11,990
Too big based on your post

2015 Kia Rio, 27,558kg - $14,990
unless its the 1600cc its a gutless wonder and as Apollo pointed out its not a lot cheaper than new.

2010 Nissan Qashqai, 2.0 - 107,182km - $14,995
Too big for your use.

kazbanz, Sep 4, 6:39pm
The way I see it the size vehicle that's going to work for you is that corolla size and capacity given where you are based.
So based on that I'd suggest
corolla or a version of the corolla Aurus/ axio etc
Mazda axella /3 sedan or HB
Possibly mazda 2/Demio 2015 and newer
Small enough for round town but big enough to haul you up to Hamilton

crafters_corner, Sep 4, 6:41pm
You are a STAR!
Thank you so much Kaz.

kazbanz, Sep 4, 6:52pm
Throwing one out there at you that will go under your radar.
Toyota Spade 1500cc.
Mechanically it IS a corolla. High seat height makes it easy to get in and out. Nice to drive with good all round visibility,
Pretty good bang for buck

m16d, Sep 4, 7:17pm
Where's the piano man when we need him.

crafters_corner, Sep 4, 7:23pm

vtecintegra, Sep 4, 7:59pm
The Qashqui isn't that much larger than a Corolla - 90 or so mm longer than a Corolla hatch but shorter than the sedan. Personally I'd be looking at either the Lancer or Qashqui as they have better safety ratings than the Corolla of that period.

horses7, Sep 4, 9:51pm
I have a 2003 focus st 170 6 speed manual,my daughter owns a 2016 corolla and compared to the focus its a piece of crap,build quality doesnt even come close and while the focus had a transmision issue through that one model range i would own the focus any day,call me biased if you like but have driven enough cars over the years to know the difference between a means of transport and something i enjoy driving

intrade, Sep 4, 10:12pm
toyota corolla tepends on engine and gearbox and servcice history if its got older engine and trans it will tolerate abuse more.
ford focus nop parts are extraordinary expensive and only ford factory parts function correct.
Rav4 depends on engine trans and abuse service history
mitsubishi lancer maybe large engine ar usually old technology who is more resistent to not fail real quickly like modern trashheaps
kia rio maybe depends on engine design trans and service history
nissan Qashqai, nop . there is a saying in my home language nissan cashkay hasch kay= if "you have one of them you got nothing"
mitsubishi used to be the worst brand in the 90s now its one of the better and not because it has improved.
RE#12 a 2003 is old tech a 2013 is way more problematic and yours is a manual euros are pritty good in manual all my cars are manual .

gblack, Sep 4, 10:47pm
The Rio seems like an odd one. You can buy one new for not much more so seems expensive. Even then found a 2018 Rio on TM for less, so maybe expand the search area? Also a wide range of cars from small (Rio) to 2.4 litre SUV on your short list

What is the actual budget? Personally, I would not be looking for cars over 10 years old or over 100,000 km if you have a budget like 12-15k

What are the requirements? Like you need 4WD or need to tow? You want fuel economy or boot space? Not sure I understand the collection of cars being compared.

For comparison, I was looking for a mid sized car earlier this year - about $15k, 2013+, under 80km, but had a wide range of cars initially on the watch list. Once I knocked out some cars that looks like good value but badly rated ( i.e Holden Cruize), then ended up with a series of Toyota Corolla and Kia/SsangYong on the watchlist. Somebody on this forum said you could get a Mercedes for that price which surprised me so I checked it out. Were the Corolla would have been good safe choice. I ended up buying a Mercedes-Benz A180 Turbo instead. In a nice South Seas Blue I might be mad, and might regret it, but got 3 yr mechanical warranty and so far really enjoyed driving it. 2013 model Mercedes are in your $15k price range, but wouldn't recommend them given your watchlist, but would suggest maybe getting recommendations on what you are looking for rather than just a shortlist.

So personally, a 2018 Kia Rio, or maybe 2017 Toyota Aqua if that car is not too small for you

vtecintegra, Sep 5, 8:28am
You aren't going to enjoy driving a Focus with the DCT though

wizid, Sep 5, 8:35am
i have just brought a 2011 rav4 with 36000ks on it . very impressed how it handles and drives.

franc123, Sep 5, 8:39am
I'd try and get a better price on that Corolla. The Ford, Mitsi and Nissan are too expensive too and will be heavy depreciators in the next few years. Agree totally as above, if you have $12k I'd be looking for something much better than something on the wrong side of 10yo/100000km, regardless of what it is.

msigg, Sep 5, 12:12pm
Well here ya go, Corolla = 10, Rav4 = 10 Focus = 5 Mitsi = 6 Kia = 7 Nissan =6. For reliability the Toyota range is the best, I have a 2008 corolla from brand new as a second car , done 150k, no problems, just servicing, we also have a 2010 RAV4 done 170k, no problems just servicing, the corolla does everything and I lend it to anybody, just keeps on going, will do 300k easy, same as the rav4, depends if you want bigger or smaller, They will see you right. Price dosn't matter if you keep them long enough, I used to try get best bargain, often not as good a car, at the end of the day it makes no difference if you pay a bit more for the one that takes your eye. Good luck and happy motoring.

kazbanz, Sep 5, 12:17pm
Hey team--have a read of post 3 and keep in mind the OP is a middle aged lady based 100km out of Hamilton in a smallish town

kazbanz, Sep 5, 12:50pm
The issue with pricing is that the mid 2000's stuff is now made of unobtanium. -No More imports.
BUT I happen to know 100% fact that 16k would buy the OP a 2015 corolla/aurus with under 30000km

curlcrown, Sep 5, 12:59pm
Just sold a 2009 NZ corolla 1800 this morning done 245000km. I could honestly not fault they way it drove, no knocks of funny noises at all. I would expect it to give good service for sometime yet if looked after.

curlcrown, Sep 5, 1:02pm
Could buy a 2017 Suzuki Baleno for the prices above. Admittedly an unexciting car but well equipped and reliable.

crafters_corner, Sep 5, 4:00pm
Hi guys, thank you all so much for your time and energy.

I've not mentioned the Yaris at all, as I have driven one. a 2018, and I didn't like the rear vision mirror. It felt too big, and it felt like my frontal vision was being partially blocked. It wasn't, but it just felt like it was. Not sure if anyone else has noticed this.

Would I be able to ask if some could look at another couple of cars for me, and give me your opinion. Please.:)

2013 Toyota Aqua - 92,450km - $12,990

2014 Toyota Aqua - same mileage as above, but price slightly lower at $11,490

2015 Toyota Aqua 1.5 S, Hatch CVT, 2WD - 108,702km - $11,590

2007 Lexus IS 250L, 2.5P, V6, RWD - 78,000km - $12,900

2011 Toyota Ractis 1.5S, Hatch, CVT, 2WD - 97,379km - $11,440

msigg, Sep 5, 4:04pm
Those above are all good cars. Small and larger. Go for some test drive and see what you like.

vtecintegra, Sep 5, 4:05pm
Go and drive some of them to narrow it down, stuff like the Yaris mirror isn't easy to quantify so you really need to see for yourself.

The IS is a sporty sedan so you sit quite low and it has a low roofline which you may or may not like (I'd guess you probably won't like). It is in another class compared to anything else in your list, much nicer to drive but also much thirstier.

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