Holden VE Calais 2008 DVD stuck

burtsjackets, Mar 13, 2:16pm
Hi does anyone know how to get the DVD player to open my grandson loaded a DVD and I am unsure if it was loaded upside down or simply stuck.
How can I eject the DVD player without taking a hammer to it haha

tamarillo, Mar 13, 2:59pm

kazbanz, Mar 13, 3:59pm
Good luck.--If you can remove the whole unit there is about the only guy in the whole country that repairs them. Mcalister radio in glen eden.

evotime, Sep 3, 5:18pm
We sent heaps to anything electronic in Nelson when I was working for Holden.
We used to have a spare unit we linked in from memory so they could carry on driving. I can’t remember many details though it’s been 10 years or so.

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