The road to Coromandel

m16d, Aug 30, 5:37pm
What a pleasure driving there and back with no Jafas on the road.

intrade, Aug 30, 5:38pm
just wait till tomorrow

tamarillo, Aug 30, 5:47pm
One of the reasons I left Auckland 25 years ago was that that road was congested and ruined weekends in coromandel. Can’t imagine what it is like now.

laurelanne, Aug 30, 7:28pm
I noticed that on the first lockdown. The Falcon lapped up the coast road in the evenings. No cars holding me up and no cars breathing down my neck either.

cliffmate, Aug 30, 7:41pm
Was on SH27 yesterday, empty empty. It was amazing. Borders should stay in place.

stevo2, Aug 30, 8:23pm
Did 450km today. Tauranga, Rotorua, Te Puke, Whakatane, Opotiki and back to Tauranga. The roads were reasonably quiet although a lot of it was on back country roads.

sr2, Aug 30, 8:32pm
The road from Thames to Coro has always been one of my favorites, particularly on a bike.

Traditionally the main problem was unemployed, self entitled locals driving unwarranted & rusty 4wd's festooned with Greenpeace and Green Party stickers. Preferred driving technique was a slow speeds in the middle of the road belching black smoke from badly maintained diesels whilst blocking anyone attempting to overtake.

Has something changed?

sadmuddle, Sep 3, 3:51pm
What I do to keep week end traffic of the road past us to Thames Is dump a mangled wreak on the road about 3am and the police close the road for investigations all day.

m16d, Sep 3, 4:37pm
Hmmm. so it was you.

laurelanne, Sep 11, 11:36am
Come on ferrit47. Spit it out again.

blueviking, Sep 11, 7:08pm
Yes, everyone hates the jafa's until we stop coming and spending our money in your community.

laurelanne, Sep 11, 9:12pm
Don't overrate yourself blueviking. The only businesses that are suffering are the ones that charge Auckland prices. I enjoyed less traffic on the road myself.

raewyn2, Nov 21, 9:17pm
Biggest problem on that road is oncoming failing to keep left. Not the only place that happens though but the corners make it more hazardous.

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