Brake shoe minimum thickness

tegretol, Sep 1, 1:39pm
Does anyone know what the min thickness should be on the rear of an ST210 Toyota? Although both the foot and the hand brakes passed the roller test, the WOF fail is based on 'worn rear brake shoes'. I'm not sure if these can be seen thru an inspection port as they certainly did not remove the wheels/drums.

But anyway, got a new set of aftermarket shoes and they have only 1.8mm of lining thickness. In my book, they are below what would be new - I'd have expected 10mm+ to be on them - they defininately have not been used as there are no spring marks or other signs of use on them.

Be interested in constructive comments.

bjmh, Sep 1, 1:44pm
Yes you can see brake material thickness through the inspection hole.I just measured some new hiace brake shoes here,they are 4.5mm thick.

differentthings, Sep 1, 2:39pm
brake shoes are never (10mm) thick from new 5mm max as above said

franc123, Nov 27, 8:10am
If inspection ports are fitted to the backplate the shoe thickness is supposed to be checked at WoF. Something not quite right re the 1.8mm thing, I would take them back to the supplier. 10mm is more aligned to a brake pad thickness and not a shoe.

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