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voyager4, Feb 23, 3:00pm
Yes I know, there are hybrids or EVs, but not able to change at the present time. So enough of that, schools back, petrol price rises, upwards to 15c p/l in some places. The dollar has risen thanks to new better financial ratings, so will petrol come down, and why so much at once.

gunna-1, Feb 23, 3:07pm
There was a big glut of petrol during the lockdown, some countries were cheap as, has it gone skyrocketing up again?.

harm_less, Feb 23, 3:14pm
20% rise in crude oil prices over the past month (faster than the NZD vs USD rate): The reasons for that:

Make your own predictions on where this is going.

gunna-1, Feb 23, 3:22pm
Crikey wait till we fix "tourism" and people fly all over the place again, then it will realy go through the roof.

tygertung, Feb 23, 3:27pm
It is still cheap as, it was $2.50 not long ago.

I hope it goes up again so people stop aimlessly driving around so much.

gunna-1, Feb 23, 3:28pm
Get those pesky choppers out of the sky they guzzle thousands of liters.

cjohnw, Feb 23, 3:38pm
Just wondering how you recognise who is “aimlessly driving around” and who are making necessary journeys?
That’s a real skill right there.

skull, Feb 23, 3:48pm
In tigertungs world if you aren't on a bicycle you are aimless

tygertung, Feb 23, 4:19pm
Surely if the petrol is expensive, it might make you consider whether you really need to use the car? You could combine trips, or even just walk 400m to the dairy instead of firing up the car.

cjohnw, Feb 23, 4:33pm
A bit simplistic really.
Expensive fuel impacts more than just the odd trip to the local dairy.
It affects food and commodity prices across the board and that impacts massively especially on lower income families.
For that reason I hope it does not become “expensive”.
Who cares about a trip to the local shops!

likit, Feb 23, 4:57pm
My odd trip is a 86 km return trip to work, use to be 120 km so, bicycle no good as I do 12 hour days & public transport non existent

realtrader1, Feb 23, 5:03pm
Yes a real socialist comment right there! Ping one and all according to one persons perception of ADA!

toyboy3, Feb 23, 5:04pm
Move closer to work or move work closer to home and stop wasting unproductive time each way sitting in a car each day

likit, Feb 23, 5:54pm
I work a rotating shift, biking would add 2 hours each way, 16 hours each day including work, yeah nah.

cjohnw, Feb 23, 5:58pm
Am I correct in thinking someone in this thread has been sent to the naughty step?

smallwoods, Feb 23, 6:05pm
I'm gunna guess it's someone above?

cjohnw, Feb 23, 6:18pm
I didn’t notice anything, but I guess if you are gunna make off colour comments.

billy.bragg, Feb 23, 7:22pm
Give a thought to people whose work revolves around having a vehicle. They are not driving around aimlessly. For that matter I don't really know anyone including myself who just drives around aimlessly! Obviously you do, to make such a comment.

stevo2, Feb 23, 7:38pm
I love driving around aimlessly in the weekend.
Quite often Mrs Stevo and I will happily drive across to the other side of the island for lunch at a bar or cafe. 300 to 400km easy and it doesn't matter what the petrol price is either.

framtech, Feb 23, 8:14pm
And that's it in a nut shell, it costs everyone, including the special people who don't eat meat, vote labour and drive EV's, it impacts lazy people more than those that work, and that's the rub on that.

2sheddies, Feb 23, 8:37pm
Must be nice to be so cashed up that you don't need to worry about the ever increasing prices. For most of us it's just another rip off hit in the pocket.

skull, Feb 23, 9:21pm
Sounds exactly like me and Mrs skull on a weekend, 400k is nothing for a nice lunch.

3tomany, Feb 23, 9:47pm
I do that all the time. If i am bored i will go on a road trip, sometimes i aimlessly drive 500 odd kms in a day. I will just drive up seldom used roads just to see where it takes me and i hardly ever look at a map. I love getting lost. Fuel could double in price and i would still do that.

smallwoods, Feb 23, 9:57pm
Gee, the wife and flew to Sydney to shop at K-Mart one weekend.

Will only worry about fuel cost when it's dearer than bottled water.

kestrel43, Feb 23, 10:51pm
Yet when fuel prices drop it has no discernible effect on food and commodity prices.

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