Mitsubishi Pajero thoughts.

lisah23, Aug 10, 9:11pm
please, looking at getting one. Views please, thank you.

intrade, Aug 10, 9:13pm
ummm what year and engine maybe wise to know as GDi is definetly not one you would want to own if you can help it. for 1 example

lisah23, Aug 10, 9:21pm
2009 3.2lt

tamarillo, Aug 10, 9:56pm
Only useful if you really do need heavy duty off road per, otherwise too heavy cumbersome and inefficient.

sw20, Aug 10, 10:04pm
Pajero Evolution. Yes please.

happylad3, Aug 10, 10:21pm
Not sure where you get inefficient from. When I owned mine I was doing 50ish kms a day and I averaged 9.5l/100km. Around town would get about 13-15 which isn't that bad.

Op,make sure you get the later 2009 models. 200-early 2009 had dpf filters which weren't the best. 2009 got a slightly higher output engine too.

mack77, Aug 11, 8:05pm
I have a 6G74 GDI Pajero, and I can assure you that they are very expensive to own and operate due to their large mass and high wind resistance compared to a car or wagon. They are only worth buying for hard-core off-road use, in my opinion.

lisah23, Dec 8, 1:54am
Thank you for your input

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