308 holden old school 1977 coughs and splutters

flagheaven, Aug 30, 3:36pm
when doing a hard right hand turn after slowing down at roundabouts etc.
any ideas

franc123, Aug 30, 3:45pm
Dirt or otherwise obstruction in the fuel system somewhere, the carb float bowl could have debris or flaky gaskets floating about. Something else that may be worth investigating is the security of the battery, its cabling and any ignition wiring that could be making intermittent poor connections with vehicle movement.

m16d, Aug 30, 5:34pm
I had a car done that once. not a V8 Holden but.
turned out, there is a "compartment" in the float bowl to trap water, and when you hauled round a corner one way the water would spill over to the main jet.

jmma, Aug 30, 6:03pm
Check wiring harness connection where it goes through the fire wall.

gunna-1, Aug 30, 6:29pm
How high is the idle set, if it has power steering being a v8 then it might be enough to make it do it, if so crank the idle up a tad, i notice the idle dropped down in some of my old cars with power steering, and if the rings are shot or the carb is abit bung it dosent take much for them to play up, my hz holden broke the indercator stalk and some how blared the horn when indicateing to turn, lol that was a real pane.

kjmc, Nov 20, 8:52pm
Haha, had that issue too gunna-1! Did a lot of waving as I recall.

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