1998 Commodore Ute ?

azzab54, Dec 6, 2:49pm
What rear suspension have they got ? Leaf springs ?
And do they have a limited slip diff ?

sw20, Dec 6, 3:04pm
Spring and shock rear end. LSD was option. Compliance plate will tell the tale.

kingfisher21, Dec 6, 4:32pm

franc123, Dec 6, 10:33pm
1998 is still the VS model, it was as per the majority of pre VT sedans and wagons, a coil sprung beam axle. They are generally LSD but it would always pay to check that it has in fact still got it and that it's working properly during prepurchase checks if it's important to you.

saxman99, Oct 13, 3:14pm
Don’t fill the tray with gravel though and then chuck cement on top.


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