Gas turbine Ford Truck. Hope link works.

yz490, Apr 17, 10:39am

intrade, Apr 17, 10:42am
did you post 2 times the same thread and delet 1 i posted from 1 secound yours is on end

yz490, Apr 17, 10:42am
Maybe its my end problem as video goes straight into something else. But if you pull the red line back to the start it works as planned. Sorry about that.

intrade, Apr 17, 10:43am
i deleted my one for testing also.
thats from start seems we can post exact location as end is secounds of movie

yz490, Apr 17, 10:44am
Yeah i deleted it as wouldn't play the truck one so did it again with same problem. But found if you pull the red line back it works.

yz490, Apr 17, 10:45am
Thanks 'intrade'. All good. Was just on a vintage yamaha site i hang out on so thought might be of interest for on here.

intrade, Apr 17, 10:52am
first thing came to mind was ahh thats where elon muscatnutter stole the idea for the cyber truck like anything he does recycle old things and claims he invented them.

tony9, Apr 17, 11:31am
Nearly, but not quite. That one has the gas turbine coupled to the driving wheels.

Elon's approach is to have the gas turbine in a power station (NZ has a few like that). The turbine drives a generator. Output is stepped up to 220KV and enters the grid. The grid takes it to the lines company where it is stepped down to 33KV or 66KV. Lines company takes it down to 11KV and then to 240/440 volts. A charger then charges the batteries, the batteries then power electric motors which drive the truck wheels.

Many think Elon's approach is best, it certainly employs more people and lines the pockets of many suppliers of services and kit.

intrade, Apr 17, 11:56am
#8 i was referring to the cyber truck shape landing a rocket was also done before he claimed he invented it. and the train in a vacuum tube was a failed idea from eutopia magazins. the batterys are panasonic 18650 and his new ones are just bigger in size of the same thing. if anyone can sell dog$hit as gold then it be that guy.

intrade, Apr 17, 12:13pm

philltauranga, Apr 17, 12:25pm
Very advanced truck for the 60's and 600 hp back then, wow.
Boeing also did one in the 50's
Youtube: Boeing Gas Turbine Powered Kenworth.

apollo11, Apr 17, 12:32pm
And yet NASA have just chosen Spacex for the moon mission lander. Those who can just get on and do it, those who can't try to belittle them on the internet. Stop being a 'can't', intrade.

intrade, Apr 17, 12:36pm
because he claimed he can do it cheaper as i said he can sell dog$git for gold. Do you know how mutch the ultra cheap starlink internet costs? yea right the same or more then sky . i just tell the reality. Thunderfooot is pritty good in debunking that moron. if it was 1950 that moron be locked up in psyco ward in a stray jaket where he belongs if you think about it.

apollo11, Apr 17, 12:49pm
Spacex is already the cheapest way of getting to space- by a factor of 100. Starlink is about providing usable internet to remote places- not high volume cheap internet. Please stop making yourself look like a fool.

intrade, Apr 17, 12:57pm
i sort-of did know this could end like it did i wont reply and i am only a fool to reply to morons in the first place.

apollo11, Apr 17, 1:19pm
People can read your posts and make their minds up about who the moron is.

s_nz, Apr 17, 4:15pm
Starlink is $159 / month for unlimited data and latency between 20 to 40 ms, and bandwidth between 50 and 150Mbps. This is absolutely game changing for remote area's. Previous satellite internet was way worse and more expensive to boot.

intrade, Aug 20, 11:43am
17 same as farmside or what ever used the via sky sat i got the info from somone in uk. He got both as they both drop out.

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