Brake wear and usage.

cabrio1, Nov 1, 7:49am
My car has the original brake pads and discs, close to 200k on them now.bmw530i
Is this normal? I would expect them to be worn out and need replacement but it keeps passing wof no problem?

bill-robinson, Nov 1, 7:51am
you can change them if you want, do not have to wait for them to fail a WOF

tygertung, Nov 1, 7:57am
Sometimes these modern cars have brakes which last much longer.

Also if it is a fancy car like a BMW 530i it might have really massive brakes for if you are driving really hard and if you are just driving normally they won't be working very hard so won't wear out very fast.

sr2, Nov 1, 8:35am
Quite remarkable, is it an import or NZ new and how do you know they are the original pads & discs?

mrfxit, Nov 1, 8:50am
Pads appear to be original on my Wingroad @215K.
Need changing now

intrade, Nov 1, 9:11am
they will be new on import.
Bmw dics and pads wear togather they last a hell of a long time and when they need doing the new good stuff to last again will cost ultra mega bux as you can only change pad and rotors in a set as thats how the wear. The rotor will be spent once the brake is worn.
What needs doing is cleaning and brake fluid exchange every 24 month or at leaste tested for water content . if in doubt thow it out. ABS pump rusted cost 100 times more then brake fluid to exchange.

cabrio1, Nov 1, 9:15am
Yes I'm surprised, its an import, I bought it with 30 k on it. I'm assuming they are original.
Just looked on eBay $300 for front discs and pads, delivered.

cabrio1, Nov 1, 9:17am
Yip I'm going to give it a birthday at 200k, same at 100k.
Replace all fluids.
"they will be new on import"
That makes a bit more sense. Are all import cars fitted with new brakes?

intrade, Nov 1, 9:20am
be ultra carfull with ebay. i seen loads of videos from german professional automotive youtubes and some uk ones. The ebay can sometimes sell you fake copys for almost the original price. the price of top of my head is more like 850$ for a set on a bmw
you dont really need them till the brake pads are worn down fully it wont matter if they almost grind as the disk will be goners anyhow . solong as you dont keep driving with grinding brakes like some morons seem to.

cabrio1, Nov 1, 9:23am
Yeah, factory prices are eye watering.
I've been using Indy parts for years on my euro cars, fraction of the cost with no problems so far, fingers crossed.
I've seen videos of fake parts, brake shoes made from compressed grass.

tamarillo, Nov 1, 5:50pm
As above pads last ages as wear with rotors. Try rockauto for quality parts and good price.

saxman99, Nov 2, 6:39pm
BNT usually have perfectly good aftermarket brakes for my bimmers, at a reasonable price.

socram, Oct 28, 10:14pm
My wife's last Mini (bought secondhand) needed new pads and a brake grind at 30k! Couldn't believe it.

Must have had a hard life before we bought it. If the majority of the mileage is open road and very little braking from a high speed, or city driving, they should last.

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