Listing a caravan

drewboy, Jan 1, 11:22am
Hi. I have been trying to list my caravan for sale but can’t seem to list using my phone. Is it something I am doing? Never had problems listing in the past. All photos are on my phone and haven’t got access to a computer currently. Thanks

intrade, Jan 1, 11:36am
try click desktop version on phone ?

oakcottage, Jan 1, 11:40am
This. The upload photos is only available in the desktop version. Right down the bottom of the screen in small print (on my android). It can flip back to mobile version at various stages sometimes and you just have to switch it back. It can be a pain. I wish there was the option to stay on the desktop version 100%. The phone version especially when searching is a PITA.

blogzy, Oct 3, 3:15am
Definitely, T/M needs to sort this out. Desktop only way to go. We need to be able to lock desktop in on mobile.

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