Brake lights staying on ?

intrade, Nov 26, 8:49am
92 year yea definetly something like this them old ones is ultra easy wiring . not 10 control modules including the radio to turn on the brake light.
if you have a 300$ flashlight you should be able to find it real quick. there could be 2 switeches also or a broken wire . thats about it for that thing to be faulty
brake reservoir light has nothing to do with tail lights that the visual for instrument cluster.

kazbanz, Nov 26, 9:19am
Given brake lights have a live power feed 24/7 Im thinking most likely is a chomped wire somewhere OR the brake light switch has stuck on.

bigfatmat1, Nov 26, 12:28pm
When you checking brake light switch make sure the plastic foot hasn't broken away allowing the switch plunger to poke through the hole. Thus makes the switch be on all the time. If thats ok and you unplug the switch and the brake lights go out. You know the switch is faulty. It will have nothing to do with handbrake system

trade4us2, Nov 26, 12:34pm
There's a switch behind my brake pedal which was easy to remove. If the switch is faulty I can't get the gear lever out of Park.
The whole switch unit was quite expensive, fortunately I could see that it was a standard push switch, and I had 30 of those in a box.

poppy62, Nov 26, 12:53pm
It's the brake light switch on the pedal, had the same problem on my old ute.

philltauranga, Nov 26, 1:53pm
+1 to check the plastic foot on the brake pedal, my Terrano did the same as well as another Nissan. From memory a bolt with a 12mm spanner head fits in the hole to fix it, check the clearance with the pedal stopper so you don't smash the switch with the bolt head, from memory I had to grind the top of the bolt head down a little bit on the Terrano.

msigg, Nov 26, 3:04pm
Yes i think it is the brake peddle switch, my old pulsar was the same with the key off as well. The switchh is live on some vehicles

solarboy, Nov 26, 3:08pm
I had that exact problem with my SW20 MR2. Had to remove the driver's seat to get at the switch up behind the dash. Google led me to an owner's web-site which said to look on the floor for bits of broken black plastic which. Yes, spotting them was the easy part. Tried to get a small bolt through the hole but ended up using a couple of 2 cent pieces glued together for the thickness then a dab to hold 'em in place. That's my 2 cents ( x2 ) worth.

bigfatmat1, Nov 26, 3:48pm
a no cost fix. Well done

alleycatz, Oct 19, 6:08am
lucky you never went out and purchased the 300$ torch to fix it

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