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sheryl13, Jan 18, 7:56am
Hello, had a mystery as to why my car starts then cuts straight out ! and wont start again.
upon seeking advice from my local holden man he has suggested that maybe the key has had it and a new one will fix the problem . Hopefully this will fix the problem. It seems that sometimes a second try will start the car but the other day she was a no go. This car has just done over 200k and always been serviced and looked after. Always seems to be something to spend my money on it lol sigh

neell, Jan 18, 8:08am
The key battery may be flat which is "unreplaceable", they are the button type. Take the key fob apart and you will find it is actually easy to replace.

intrade, Jan 18, 8:17am
what year i just repaired a 2004 holden executive key 3 button. There is a soldered battery inside and i think its got to be rechargable.
You can buy a new key for that car with uncut blade and swap blade over and programm it. All your self . or get it done i think it be 160$ Also they dont use a transponder chip i tested it .

lakeview3, Jan 18, 8:22am
I have a Holden commodore and the key will still start and run the car even with no battery in the key fob. It just means you can’t central lock and the alarm isn’t activated. (i had this but got it sorted)

I am no mechanic but it doesn’t sound like the key is the problem. More like a mechanical thing. Starter motor? Battery? Solenoid? Spark plugs?

Go see another mechanic.

lakeview3, Jan 18, 8:23am
we tried this with mine. In the end I gave up and took it to the key cutting guy who gave me a whole new one and programmed it to receive by my car. Can’t remember how much maybe $100? /

sheryl13, Jan 18, 8:26am
yep 2004

intrade, Jan 18, 8:27am
wont start is the padlock flashing ?

sheryl13, Jan 18, 8:28am
just recently had starter motor replaced, and battery . the first mech cant find the problem and the second suggested key. Think it might have to go to holden dealer for a check over

intrade, Jan 18, 8:32am
The key i fix is for a guy in taumarunui i think its for a v8 and he has the v6 i had a thread about. I think he said his v6 stalled when hot and had no spark and no start= i think i want to look at how it makes the spark signal next as i already did remove the ecu no leaked caps and then found out if i send the ecu in i have to tell them what to fix. Lol if i have to do that i can fix it my self. So i made the call the ecu looked fine the car starts cold So its most likely not the ecu and since they cant test like they test in europe on test rig Marked it as ok.

intrade, Jan 18, 8:36am
yea for codes i think i found some software now but they will only talk to factory scantool with correct hardware card. If you do Go to holden make sure you get the tech2 printout for faults.

lakeview3, Jan 18, 8:40am
interesting. I would go back to whoever installed those and get them to sort it. Something not connected quite right? Was it doing it before those were replaced? Mine is a 2003 BTW and I have done 320,000km

intrade, Jan 18, 8:41am
Repco and supercheap have all parts for that car repco has a new ECU for 700 bux or something mind you i dont know if thats my trade price but i seen it. They have most parts sortof maybe i have to buy me one also as this virus problem will make non stocked parts extreem expensive and delayed if ordered for at least another 6 month to 2 years depending what comes next.

intrade, Jan 18, 8:43am
Re#11 its going to be difficult because you need holden specific factory software tool for codes. I think i did find the comodore holden on one of my tools after a software update. But i have to recheck.
i am going to order all pcmcia cards for my tech 2 isuzu saab suzuki holden.
already have the GM america and the Opel card . but i gues s it be like 2 month to get these if not longer. now

intrade, Jan 18, 8:52am
You could find out who fixed the police cars As they where all holden comodores I would go to police station and find out haha.
Because if they fixed the police ones they got to have all special tools. i could do you a free scan to see if my software works if it was not a dream i had about finding the software I have quite a few expensive scantools.

marte, Jan 18, 11:30am
A mate left the key in the ignition for 1/2 a hour +, on, and that fixed his.
Also it could be something to do with the electrical connection between the key fob metal contact tab & the metal strip around the key hole.
I think Supercheap sell some sort of plug into the OBD11 port ' one off ' key programming tool.
YouTube's got video of how to replace the battery in the fob.

strobo, Jan 18, 12:11pm
. Has a worn barrel and a new key should fix it.

sheryl13, Jan 18, 1:07pm
had the barrel replaced not long ago 2, couldnt get key to turn at times, just tried the other key, the one that wouldnt start it and wham it went ! frustrating, anyway booked in for Thursday. hopefully can get to work lol

franc123, Jan 18, 1:56pm
Those keys are terrible on those cars, commonly what happens is the rubber buttons disintegrate and fall out then they fill up with metallic fragments then they fry themselves

sheryl13, Jan 18, 2:34pm
yep all rubber buttons gone off both keys lol have to sometimes pick up a wee stone to help open the car. so new key def needed regardless

gpg58, Jan 18, 2:51pm
as others say, torn buttons cause issues, my 05 adventra was refusing to start one time, kept on trying, after checking all plugs on engine etc. Finally she did start, but in limp home mode. A scan said "key not recognized".
Was full off grit from torn buttons, replaced it and no more issues.

kazbanz, Jan 18, 3:16pm
Im betting a chokkie fish you need new keys

franc123, Jan 18, 4:38pm
It's best to get a new genuine key from Holden and also get them to program it. There are cheap copies around that are made you know where and the shaft material is not made to the correct specification, they are difficult to cut correctly and the locksmiths hate them or refuse to cut them at all because they damage their key cutting gear. If the existing shaft is still in good condition you can change it over to a new fob no problem.

strobo, Jan 19, 6:36am
I disagree .The common damage is done by pressing rubber pads with the finger nail instead of using the finger/thumb pad.Its not the key being "terrible" just people the way they use it.I've had umpteen number of holdens and not one has been damaged to that degree. Other brands like toyota suffer the same ,damage that is done by the operator. Doesn't help either if one contaminates the key fob with engine oil after pulling a dip stick either! Other similar damage is done where drivers twist the steering wheel back and forth in a certain position while driving and working the surround loose on the steel frame or pick at the steering wheel lining with their nails or worse a pet dog chewing on it.

gph1961, Jan 19, 7:39am
woof woof woof

sheryl13, Jan 19, 9:37am
wow thats an interesting analogy

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