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beachboy61, May 9, 6:24pm
Last Friday at lunchtime, I was on foot waiting at a pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Rosebank Rd and Great North Rd, Auckland.
The Cross Now signal came up and I and two girls behind me commenced to cross the pedestrian crossing.
Suddenly a young guy in a car roared down Rosebank Rd (from Mt Albert side) through the red light and missed hitting me by less than a meter.
I would guess he was doing about 80km/hr and he continued on his way. Because it happened so quickly I couldn't get his registration number.
I was lucky, Very very lucky and have spent the weekend trying to imagine what would of happened had he hit me. Probably I would of been killed instantly.
I have recently seen many cars running red lights in Auckland, more in the last two years and its become out of control in Auckland.
This is a plea to drivers to think of the consequences if your involved in an accident or kill or injure someone as a result of running a red light.
Nothing is that important that you need to run a red light .
The consequences will stay with you, your family and the victims family for the rest of your life.

apollo11, May 9, 6:35pm
Red light cameras?

mrcat1, May 9, 7:15pm
A mate worked out by the tank farm in Wiri driving 100 tonne approx dumpers, they used to go across Roscommon rd i think it was on a set of lights, he ran over numerous cars, think a 2 got killed in different cars.

tnt423, May 9, 8:51pm
Its pretty bad down in Christchurch as well. Green means wait until the red light cars have gone, orange is the new green, red means 4 cars can go

serf407, May 9, 10:08pm
Aus red light camera fines are aus $500 & 3 demerits in places. Christchurch is getting red light cameras with fines. (April 2021) Auckland has had a new red light camera program going for a few years now. The old red light camera system was fairly limited in number of cameras and staff to operate it.

Feb 2020 - 20 red light cameras with the system being expanded
However even the new red light cameras do not cover many other intersections. What could be done? red road lights- lower cost than cameras. Get pedestrians to activate their cell phone cameras when crossing intersections etc to record plates/ vehicles descriptions.

Get pedestrians Jet suits?

tegretol, May 9, 11:12pm
They are all over the place but as the offenders ignore the fines, why do you think taking their piccie would make any difference. The type of people that will pay their fines are generally not the type of people that drive that way.

apollo11, May 9, 11:34pm
No, I thought there might be a photo of a car narrowly missing pedestrians. That would be a careless or dangerous use charge perhaps.

swivel, May 10, 12:26am
Happens every place, Dumb drivers with the rule "green is go, Orange is speed up, Red is Still have 2 seconds". Had one almost take me out. Chased him down, showed i had a car cam, and then Smashed him in the face. ONLY WAY

rhys12, May 10, 6:13am
Totally agree, it is shocking. I go through our local intersection usually around 4x a day, sometimes more, and you can guarantee every time someone will run the red light. Often it is local people in sign written cars, that's how much they don't care about it. Trucks also, and when I used to go through in the early hours of the morning, the trucks simply ignore the red completely and barrel through.

When we first moved here, I told my kids to never cross when they first got the green pedestrian crossing, but to wait until they are certain all cars have stopped. A few months ago, traffic was built up through this intersection and one of my kids (adult) got the light to cross; next thing a car came trying to sneak through but my kid walk through anyway, so they looked like an idiot stuck in the centre of the intersecton - but they had the cheek to beep at her!

rectech, May 10, 7:38am
We have red light cameras in many intersections I drive through here in Auckland I have heard they are very rarely activated which would explain a lot

chiz, May 10, 8:23am
I find that buses are terrible. I drive along Dominion road a lot and they just go straight through the lights and they are the double decker ones.

gunna-1, May 10, 8:45am
You might get kicked half to death by a Tibetan yack to, on another note people halfway across an orange going red will get pinged aswell with cameras, no thankyou.

loose.unit8, May 10, 9:08am
Agree. For some reason it's got really bad eh.

amasser, May 10, 9:32am
It's bad everywhere. If the fine was $500 and then incremental, it might help.

sandypheet, May 10, 9:59am
Koutu corner in Rotorua would make enough money to settle the national debt. Cant understand why when we hear these road safety messages that steps are not taken to roll out camera fines everywhere.

tegretol, May 10, 10:28am
Sure but what should happen when the fine isn't paid or the driver says he had lent the vehicle to a mate call 'John' who now lives in Oz?

gazzat22, May 10, 10:39am
That used to be the infringement notice was sent to the registered owner who if they did not advise drivers details were responsible.

apollo11, May 10, 10:41am
If you went and put a complaint in writing at the Police station, said you nearly got bowled by a red light runner, would any action be taken?

So lots of 'ifs', but if the Police cared enough to follow up, and if there were a red light camera operating, it's likely good enough photo quality to show who the driver was and that pedestrians were nearly hit.

gunna-1, May 10, 12:20pm
More people being homeless and in debt, take some defensive driving courses and look after yourselfs for once.

loose.unit8, May 10, 12:23pm
Fines : the rich don't care and the poor don't pay.

apollo11, May 10, 1:04pm
I reckon you are trolling. In another thread you want parents fined for giving their kids a lollipop. What's it going to be?

gunna-1, May 10, 1:08pm
There is nothing trolling about defensive driving courses, it can save your life, there will allways be accidents.

beachboy61, May 10, 1:33pm
Defensive Driving is great, but it wouldn't of saved me last Friday, this driver ran a red light and if he had of hit and killed me ,it wouldn't of been an accident - it was a deliberate decision on his part.
Drivers who run red lights and kill people should be charged with murder.

gunna-1, May 10, 1:42pm
Manslaughter is fine not murder, and i think being more ready to take evasive action if you need to can save you, you will never be 100% safe on the roads, and accidents dont always kill people.

apollo11, May 10, 1:43pm
Nice try. But you didn't answer the question.

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