Mitsubishi Triton.

lisah23, Aug 15, 7:25pm
2.5lt deisel thoughts please, thank you.

apollo11, Aug 15, 7:31pm
I hope they have improved their chassis paint. Ours had bubbling/streaking rust all over in two years.

m16d, Aug 15, 7:59pm
I bought a new Triton in 2010, traded it on a new D-Max in 2018.
I will never own another Mitsubishi.

kazbanz, Aug 16, 4:49pm
There used to be a phrase--if it was Diesel and started with an M --tick tick tick. in plain English mitzi/mazda diesels were reputed time bombs.
The petrol on the other hand -pretty robust.

rjgmjs, Aug 16, 11:29pm

An interesting read. bit long winded but essential reading for Triton owners

henderson_guy, Aug 17, 7:26pm
I have a 2017 Triton as a work vehicle. I like mitsis and my old petrol L200 is still alive and kicking.
Bear in mind though that the last shape mitsi is a very basic Ute. I've noticed stone chips in the bonnet/roof that are starting to show rust marks, and the Bluetooth capabilities are a bit average. Other than that, it has been a good, reliable Ute.
I wouldn't buy one myself, however. I very nearly bought a brand new Colorado for not much more than the runout mitsi, but ended up with a SUV instead, due to the wishes of SWMBO

budgel, Aug 17, 7:35pm
Strangely perhaps, Mitsubishi utes sell well in Aussie. In terms of what you get for your dollar, they stack up.

I know a guy that spouted that M meme. A few years later he bought a brand new Mitzi ute for under the price of a second hand Ranger. I think a brand new vehicle with its warranty has gotta outdo a second hand Ford or Toyota.
He seems happy with it after several years. Admittedly he was never in the market for one of the opposition new utes.
Value for money can mean different things to different people.

wind.turbine, Aug 17, 7:47pm
My 3.2 has never ever let be down

lisah23, Aug 17, 8:23pm
thank you everyone for your feedback

woooooo, Aug 17, 8:37pm
damn thing won,t die , we treat this truck like crap and keeps going ,its been a real work horse , value for money ,this is our 2nd triton and very happy , one day i might be able to afford a lux but in the mean time i will run it till it dies ,and it won,t let me down

wind.turbine, Aug 21, 8:58pm
in all honesty unless you are after resale value in a short time then hilux are just an over priced name that these days are no different then anything else.

if you plan on having the ute for a long time then something like a triton really fits the bill as they are very responsible price new and the dont really have that many issues, in fact even the more expensive utes like holden have had issues like oil drinking utes, (been there done that)

hilux are not what they used to be

mongolia1, Aug 21, 9:09pm
Triton has the shortest wheelbase of all current utes and the lowest payload. The wheelbase is 200mm shorter than a Ranger/BT50 which means with a double or extended cab most of the load is behind the rear axle. That and the low payload means it is not surprising that a bent chassis is not uncommon. There was thread here about 6 weeks ago with links to Motor Vehicle Disputes Tribunal decisions ordering dealers to take back late model Tritons with rusted out chassis.

joanie32, Aug 22, 7:16pm
I had one in 2014.
I still consider it the nicest ute to drive I’ve had.
It was replaced with a Ranger, which I hated.

george6511, Aug 23, 3:17pm
How long ago did you have this ute? what year was it?do you still have it?

apollo11, Aug 23, 3:28pm
It was a 2016, we sold it around a year ago. 11000km on the clock. Why do you ask?

george6511, Aug 23, 4:02pm
If you still owned it, you would have a case for the dealer and Mitsubishi to fix it. Two Triton rust chassis cases been to court, The Warren case, ute was handed back to the dealer and a full refund after 2 years (2016 model) and the Tancock case, McVerry and Mitsubishi NZ had to replace the chassis(2016 model)

apollo11, Aug 23, 4:13pm
Too late for us. The dealer paid us $21500, painted the chassis and had it on the lot for $28000. At the time we were in the middle of funeral arrangements and couldn't handle any more aggravation.

vlmc, Nov 29, 10:51am
Seems like a win for the Dealer not so for who ever buys it

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