400,000 cars on the roads without a WOF

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cjohnw, May 14, 12:55pm

martin11, May 14, 1:10pm
What are the police or Traffice Wardens doing about thie they cannot be hard to find . Also cell phone use need to be hit its not hard to see people using them . Mate drives into Chch each day and he reckons he sees about 40-50 % of drivers using them . Are the Police patrols Blind ?

absolute_detail, May 14, 1:15pm
we should just do away with wofs all together

slarty45, May 14, 1:18pm
income for council parking wardens in Hi-Viz jackets

msigg, May 14, 1:24pm
Absolute_detail is correct. No need for the wof. The system is stuffed. Each to their own.

annie17111, May 14, 1:29pm
Winz already pay for cat repairs for low income people. I knew a family that didn't bother putting rego on there vehicle so it got de registered, winz paid for it to be re regoed and all the repairs it needed. Parents could afford to smoke but not keep their car on the road.

kazbanz, May 14, 1:30pm
Clickbait journalism again. There are 40000 vehicles with live registration and no WOF. That doesn't mean they are on the road .

nice_lady, May 14, 1:56pm
Yeah paid for by the long suffering working taxpayer. Who usually has to fund what they need by going to work.

intrade, May 14, 1:57pm
as #7 said and 100 million dead. (smallprint "psst" since started counting millions years ago. psst. don't tell the small print .

john1623, May 14, 1:59pm
How many vehicles without warrants have accidents. Perhaps people who drive such vehicles are more careful so they wont be noticed.

annie17111, May 14, 2:04pm
or they don't acre because if they get caught it's just another fine to ad to their list of current fines.
But to be honest I think they need to snap down on people driving while using cell phones and people running red lights and stop signs.

houseofdad, May 14, 2:22pm
Some of those vehicles no doubt parked up.

As said how many accidents caused by vehicle with no WOF ?

Picking bugger all!

poppy62, May 14, 2:31pm
I've got 7 vehicles at my house without WOF. 6 on hold.

scuba, May 14, 2:32pm
Majority of punters get a wof for the same reason they buy new tyres . because the law says so . Take away the legal requirement to keep your vehicle in a safe condition most will find another use for those funds and the number of accidents will escalate. The number of punters you see texting and using phones while driving gives you an idea how many would drive with unsafe vehicles if allowed

sr2, May 14, 3:54pm
Interesting statistic, that's roughly 10 % of all cars on NZ roads.

Considering there are so so few accidents on our roads where mechanical failure is a contributing factor a good argument could be made for dumping our outdated WOF system and replacing it with something similar to what they have in Queensland or the US?

jmma, May 14, 3:58pm
I got two without Wof, 1 on hold and the other I only get a Wof once a year, go without for 6 months. Done that since they bought in yearly Wof's for 2000 onwards, my car is 1990. It's my little protest lol

martin11, May 14, 4:27pm
When touring in Aus we have been pulled up many time for a roadworthy check and once when we had broken the front window near Ayres rock the cops were going to order our rental car off the road , but because we had book a place at Alice Springs to get the screen fixed they let us continue . Very tough over there if they catch you with a car that is not up to standard .

tygertung, May 14, 4:28pm
Some of these WOF inspectors are getting pretty fussy these days so no wonder people go without.

intrade, May 14, 5:01pm
I got 8,7 on hold Na hang on one is deregistered. I wonder if the counted that too and the other 2 million exported ones.
as post #7 hints at its just fake news . It is getting quite bad Since trump is banned from the media . I personally only trust tv one news.

laurelanne, May 14, 5:54pm
If they were to enforce basics like tyres brakes steering and rust around suspension components. Then forget about that silly little chip in the windscreen and the number plate light not being bright enough, they would probably halve that number. The problem is when people give up they push it to far.

apollo11, May 14, 6:06pm
Sometimes I think it's an attempt to get work. I had one car fail for '1mm of vertical slop in steering wheel'. I never went back to them, and had no issues with the steering wheel 'vertical slop' in my wofs and I eventually sold the car several years later.

sr2, May 14, 6:19pm
Yes it's a huge improvement on our antiquated WOF system, puts the responsibility firmly on the car driver.

marte, May 14, 7:57pm
I have 12 no WOF, on hold.
& 3 with WOF & Rego, which is stupid because i can only drive one at a time & one doesn't even go.

Theres too many cars out there with broken tailights, headlights or other bulbs not working. They get away with it & that 'getting away with it' leads to other examples of people trying it on, using cellphones while driving etc.

Police should target cars with blown lights knowing that its more likely thats not the only thing they are doing intentionally thats illegal.

Its that blatant that even Police cars & Taxis drive with blown lights, repeatedly.

rjgmjs, May 14, 9:10pm
NZ should be like England. busted for NO car insurance or at least 3rd party. your up for a hefty fine

s_nz, May 14, 9:23pm
Press release from the MTA, trying to lobby according to their agenda, including the suggestion that they be given a $85m grant from the government. Hey I would like $85m tooo.

Note the repetition of statements linking no WOF with a safety risk.

“These are vehicles that are actively registered but have no record of a recent WOF. This is a significant vehicle-safety risk to the lives of the people driving these vehicles, their passengers, and other road users,"

Clearly this out right false. A bit of paper stuck to the windscreen does not have any impact on safety. They should be talking about the risk that cars with expired WOF's have unidentified safety defects.

Also assumes that all actively registered vehicles are being used on the road. Clearly some people will have their registered cars off the road for various reasons.

Also suggests that financial hardship caused by the pandemic is being this, without providing any evidence to back that up.

One issue with the police run road worthy inspection is that it it lumps the cost of the inspections onto the taxpayer, rather than the car owner's. (but I spouse it could be clawed back via fuel tax, rego or similar). Kinda feel that the police have other more important stuff to deal with.

Also it is less covenant to be stopped at random for potentially a substantial inspection than making arrangements for the inspection to be down at a convenient time.

Should note that Police can and do inspections on cars in NZ, just is is fairly rare that it goes beyond a basic tire & lights check (more detailed inspection generally targeted at trucks or modified car scene).