Trickle charger generator-motor bike battery?

stuffed, Sep 6, 3:01pm
I have an electric start 5500 watt back up generator at home (hard wired) to the switchboard.
A few months since had tried it and the battery was dead flat. Hooked up a clunky 40 year old 12 v charger overnight and it started fine.
Had been using a PowerPlus MB-3604 (Pro) trickle charger but think it has croaked!
Any suggestions of what is best to use?

tweake, Sep 6, 4:29pm
battery is likely to be stuffed.
check battery voltage first.
probably need something that can be connected permanently. cteks are great but others are around.
also check battery type, a lot of small ones are gel cells and need a gel cell charger. a lot of chargers can do different battery types.

andy61, Sep 6, 4:41pm
A lot of newer battery chargers wont start charging if the battery has been run down too far, thats why the old school battery chargers are good to have, they will charge from dead flat but you can also charge them up back to front (if you connect the charger leads wrong)and fry the electrics in your car when you reconnect the battery.

s_nz, Sep 6, 5:03pm

intrade, Sep 6, 6:29pm
the problem is trickle charger are difficult and expensive . Well the real ones are as you need expensive electronics to not over or undercharge Ctek make ones who have that function but they cost real money to buy .

harm_less, Nov 24, 12:10pm
Usual story of 'you get what you pay for'. If you want quality then be prepared to pay the price, otherwise take your chances with cheap junk.