Nissan Caravan Disc rotors.

kiwibob60, Dec 18, 12:16pm
How long would you suggest it would take a garage to change these? Its a 2009 model and 4wd. I was somewhat shocked at the bill for labour.

franc123, Dec 18, 12:34pm
Not surprised, that job isn't much fun if I remember right. They're not a "drop over" hat type rotor, they are bolted from the inside, the whole hub and CV etc has to be pulled out and dismantled. It would be a good idea at the same time to clean out and replace/repack the hub bearings as needed, do seals and adjust it all up nice at the same time. There wouldnt be much change out of 4hrs I'd have thought, if any.

kiwibob60, Dec 18, 12:40pm
The same garage replaced the hub bearings not 2 months ago. That was actually when the brake shudder stared. They are sealed so not repackable. Cost to replace bearings was less then half to replace the rotors.

cattleshed, Oct 9, 1:09am
What were the ACTUAL instructions that you gave for work to be done on BOTH separate occasions? Or was the bearing replacement a WOF failure. Also 2 months ago did you take the van back re the shudder or have you just 'lived with it'? More info needed. What was the labour charge?

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